Throwback Wednesday – Chicago 10K Race 2012

I know you all desperately missed Throwback Wednesday so without further adieu

This was a new race and despite my normal hesitation about running races in their inaugural year, I decided to sign up… Mostly because it felt weird not having an August race after all the racing I had done already. Eric didn’t want to participate but Chris did… mostly because the race boasted you get a medal for running a 10K and Chris didn’t have any race medals yet.

Lucky for me, the extreme heat was at bay and it was overcast… by summer standards, I couldn’t ask for better race conditions. I hoped to have a solid race since the weather was mostly on my side.

1 Chicago 10K 8-12-12
Pre-Race with Chris

Chris and I arrived at the race site with some time to spare and lined up. This was my first time starting so far south in Grant Park so I wasn’t too sure what to expect in regards to course but there isn’t much I can do about that.

With a no frills start we were off. Chris and I quickly parted and as we wound our way around the block we had to do a lot of sidestepping and hopping to avoid all the cracks and bumps in the sidewalk. But then we were on the Lakefront Path and HOLY HILLS.

Chicago is known to be flat so any course that has hills on it… even short hills… can be a little rough if you haven’t trained for it. And since I had barely trained in general my legs started to take a beating. We were headed south and I was glad when I saw the turn around point. Overall, I was still feeling pretty decent… a far cry from my last 10K

As I got closer to the finish the hills returned and despite the fact that I had not walked up until that point, my legs were done so I started to walk the hills. I had a sneaking suspicion that the hill we all lined up on to start the race would be there at the end of the race… except we would have to go up it to get to the finish line… and I was correct. I ran up it but I ran up it pretty slowly.

I got my medal and then looked for Chris knowing that he had been ahead of me in the race. I found him sitting by a tree near the finish line. He told me that he didn’t have a good race and his knee hurt a lot. He said he was ok to walk so we started to make out way towards the bus to go home. We decided to stop in Corner Bakery for Coffee and a muffin so he could rest the knee a tad.

7 Chicago 10K 8-12-12
Post Race with Chris

8 Chicago 10K 8-12-12
The Medal

We then made our way to the bus stop where I suddenly discovered that the downtown Target was finally opened. I felt like a kid on a Christmas morning. I wanted to see what all they had inside briefly and Chris kindly obliged.

Afterwards we headed back home

My Official time 1:11:40 for a pace of 11:34 – Best 10K of the year

Chicago 10K Race Results




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