2013 Running Stats

I wouldn’t consider myself a numbers person, despite the various “numbers” I track when it comes to working out. I am certainly more of a color person :-p

That being said, I thought it might be fun to do a re-cap of 2013 by looking at some of my stats… which of course are in pretty colors in Excel. I suspect that this particular kind of re-cap will evolve… especially since I am already considering other things that I can track with pretty colors and new excel spreadsheets. But for this 2013, the stats are as follows

I ran a total of 170 days… a little less than half the days in the year. BUT this is a vast improvement over the 118 in 2012 and 122 in 2011 and I hope to increase that number this year.

1 Totals per Day 2013

Monday, Thursday and Saturday seemed to be my highest running days by mileage. However, had it not been for some Saturday races (especially the two 10 milers), I can guarantee that number would be lower. Monday doesn’t surprise me since it is the start of my “running week” and I feel like you should start off strong. In general, I prefer to run on the work days because my schedule is more predictable. And since I am up so early for work, it is easier for me to not make plans if I have to work the next day. It will be interesting to see how this changes (if it does) this year.

2 Days Ran per Month 2013

I like looking at this because you can see how my running sort of evolved as the year progressed. I started off overwhelming myself with a plan. But (and what is not shown here) I was doing a LOT of Yoga in January… so even though I was not running, I was at least doing something. February, I just didn’t really run (which is pretty typical for me… and that needs to change in 2014). Then in March I found out that stressing running a certain number of days per week instead of trying to hit Mileage X, Y & Z worked better for me. April and May were stellar months and I had high hopes for June until I got a REALLY bad cold. July I took it easy to spend time with mom and get some stuff done in the condo while I had car access. August I was getting back into the swing of things. September I started training for my 10 miler in November… then I got a really bad cold… and it lingered. In October, I sort of felt lost and just overwhelmed with a race and knowing that my training plan was shot to hell. I picked things up in November just in time for the Holiday Challenge which forced me to get off my butt in December more than I ever had in my previous running years.

3 Average Pace's 2013

I started tracking my average pace somewhere in the middle of the year (and yes, I went back and created the excel for the months I had missed). What I like most about looking at this is seeing that consistency pays off for me. The more consistent I was, the faster I ran. Of course, this is skewed some by races that I ran/walked… especially in December. Jingle Bell 5K in the snow slowed me down a LOT. But I was still please with my pace for the month and knowing how awful my pace was for the one race and yet I was still in my normal range meant I had some really good runs. I am hoping to take off about 15 seconds from my average pace. I don’t have many time goals for the year, but knowing that being consistent helps me get faster, I might be able to do this… and I am telling myself I will do speedwork this year… but we all know how that typically turns out.

4 Shoe Totals 2013

Ok, I mostly threw this in simply because I had the data. I started off my year in Vibrams and then pretty much stopped wearing them in July when I figured out the shoe was the cause of the Achilles tendonitis. At which point I reverted back to my Trance for about a month until I finally broke down and reverted back to my originally running shoes. I have been MUCH happier in my Asics. The Trance are now my crappy weather running shoes. The Cadence are still my go to for most races but I did wear the Asics for a few races as well. The FlyKnits, which I do like (as long as I wear socks) are a little too minimal for me to use for every day… but I am thinking they will be a good shoe for speedwork days (see how I am telling myself I will do speedwork?). As for the Vibrams… they are essentially retired but they will be good for the days when I do sand runs (assuming I do more than one sand run a year) or they will just be good for playing sand volleyball (which is an epiphany I had a few weeks ago after discussing shoes with a friend).

5 Race Stats 2013

I completed the year with 20 races… 11 5Ks / 2 8Ks / 5 10Ks / 2 10 Milers

I also had 5 DNS’s for the year… two due to being sick and three due to weather. November through March is a total crap shoot in Chicago. I can deal with cold but not so much with snow/sleet…  I am thinking I will rethink the Chicago winter racing next year (already have a few on the schedule for 2014). In general, I need to cool it on the racing… Sometimes I just want a break. So going to try to race less this year.

6 Yearly MTD Comparison 2013

I have been tracking the total number of miles per month since I started running… and yes, I do keep the previous years data as well. I like comparing. I was also happy this year when I started to beat my mileage from years past. Without a doubt, I knew I need to have a better running year than 2012 or 2011. I may not have set mileage goals for myself for most runs, but forcing myself to run a set number of days a week helped me ramp up the mileage a bit. Currently 2010 is still the year to beat… the year things were the best.

7 YTD Comparison 2013

This makes me happy. I was thrilled to beat my total mileage from 2011 and 2012 this year. I wanted to get closer to 500 total miles but taking off a lot of October and November kind of killed that. But it was still a decent year.

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