Training: December 30th – January 5th

Dec 30-Jan 5

Monday – 1.00 Mile & Upper Body Strength Training

I headed to the gym after work but overall I was feeling pretty tired. I hadn’t slept well Saturday or Sunday night so I decided to cut the strength training a little short. I was pleased that my run was at a decent pace. Looks like those hills in my parents subdivision were useful

Tuesday – Rest

My gym closed at 4 and since it had started to at 2:00 in the afternoon, I opted to just rest. I went to Target to get a handful of things and then waited for Chris to come over so we could eat pizza and watch Downton Abbey. I started to struggle to stay awake at about 9:30 so at 10:45, I finally gave up and went to bed. Chris continued to watch TV on my couch.

Wednesday – NYD5K Race – DNS

We had every intention of running… in fact, we were about half way to the race site before I finally decided it just wouldn’t be a good idea. Instead we had brunch and then finished watching the First season of Downton Abbey. Chris left to catch the train home and I started to watch Season two…

Thursday – 2.00 Miles & Leg Day

Brought the gym stuff to work to hopefully beat the after work “New Years resolution” crowd and New Month = New Mileage – When thinking about my running and what kinds of plans/goals I wanted to make this year, I decided it would be smart to build a REALLY solid base through the winter months… this has turned out to be a smart move on my part since the weather has been awful this year. So the Month of January is the 2 mile a day month… Or at least a majority of the runs are to be 2 miles. I did have to stop after my first mile for a minute to get water because it is so insanely dry in my gym. My throat is always so dry after a mile that I find it difficult to swallow. And the reason I took a one minute break… to make the math easier since I use the clock to time my runs. I was pretty pleased with my overall time. I was a bit slower the last mile and especially on that last lap (again with the needing water thing) but overall I was pleased. Then headed down to the weights to strength train. Despite the fact that classes do not start until this week, it was still far more crowded than a typical Thursday with all of the New Years Resolution people… after a few weeks it will thin out though.

Friday – 2.00 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

Knowing that Friday is always a slower day at the gym, I didn’t worry about bringing my gym stuff to work with me. I was rather surprised that I took 16 seconds off my time from the day before. Again, had to stop at one mile for a minute and then again at the 1.50 mile mark for water. Finished off by hitting the weight area.

Saturday – RUNNIVERSARY – 2.04 Miles

Saturday was my runniversary… 4 years of running. The running gods gifted me with a balmy 32 degrees and no snow (at least not while I was running). I took advantage by taking my run outside. I had the brilliant idea of cutting through the zoo thinking that it would be more shoveled/plowed than some of the sidewalks. However, I had the not so brilliant idea to cut into the zoo entrance off Belden and therefore had some issues getting to the main entrance because of the construction they are doing. By the time I actually got to the entrance and out to the parking lot (which I know is always shoveled/plowed right away), it was almost time to turn back to head home. I opted to skip the run through the zoo and instead had a VERY snowy hill to conquer… I walked. First time I have EVER walked in a training run without turning the watch off first. But even given the slippery spots (which I took slowly) and walking up that hill, I had an insanely fast pace… which I had not expected at all.

Sunday – 2.00 Miles

I trekked to the gym to get in this run. The wind was BRUTAL and it was snowing. I found an old pair of really old and large fleece pants which I put on over my gym pants (and figured it would be good to test them out since I would have to do LOTS of layers to get to work Monday). Very few sidewalks were shoveled and even the ones that were still had thin layers of snow/ice on them. It was a workout just getting to the gym to DO my workout. I was rather winded by the time I got there. After my first mile, I took a minute break for water and knew that the run was going to be brutal to get through. I was already slower than normal (but given my speed from the previous day I wasn’t bothered). I took another minute break for water at the 1.50 mile mark. Over my remaining 4 laps (half a mile) I had a mental battle going in my head. I wanted to quite with two laps to go but somehow managed to battle it out. I was exhausted after the run and knew I had a workout to get home. So I bailed on the strength training I had intended to do. Besides, I still had 3 Downton Abbey episodes to watch before the season 4 premier and I wanted to make my Minestrone soup and relax.


All in all it was a good week of training… though, I am still a tad bothered by the icky weather that forced a DNS for Wednesday. Had my gym been open, I would have gone there to get in a run but it just wasn’t an option. But overall, I am pleased with the week.

In case you have not heard, Chicago is getting some insane cold right now… it was a whopping -12 when I woke up this morning with wind chills in the -30/-40 range. I bundled up BIG time to go into work. 3 Pairs of socks, 3 pairs of pants, three shirts (including a top layer running jacket), a ski mask, a hat, a scarf and the warmest boots, gloves and jacket I own. I also had to trudge threw snow drifts to get the bus stop so I was sweating like crazy and was rather winded. But the only spot I truly felt the cold was around the eyes. Brought a change of clothes to the office knowing that I would probably be sweating on the bus ride in (and I was correct). Our 9 degree high for tomorrow is going to feel like a heat wave after today…

Stay safe out there everyone and for goodness sake, PLEASE take the run indoors today if you must run!


4 thoughts on “Training: December 30th – January 5th

    • Thanks! I was drawn in by your Blog title and then chuckled a lot about the snow (which I am starting to get sick of as well).

      I am skipping the run today… its about a mile hike between my gym and home and the only way to travel is by foot (no busses) Unless I take a cab… and paying for a cab to/from the gym just seems like a waste. So Rest day instead.

      Hope you stay warm too!

  1. I gotta say I love all these posts about snow, it’s the middle of summer here and regularly hitting 90F, I’m blogging about beach volleyball and thinking about hitting the water. Talk about extremes.

    • Haha… Yea… Definitely extremes. Although we have gotten more snow in Chicago than normal for this time of year and the record breaking cold… First time in 30 years. So hardly the norm.

      And to be honest, I hate 90F as much as -12F 😛

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