December in Review

December 2013

I had to hide my “Holiday Challenge” line in order to get the whole month to fit in one screen shot. Which, I guess means it was a successful month.

The RWRunStreak took flight on Thanksgiving day and though, I wanted to do the actual challenge, I knew I wouldn’t be able to run a handful of days. So I adopted my own self-imposed challenge of running 6 days a week. I also decided to keep the typical run at about a mile. I took off quite a bit of time in October and November and figured it would be a good place to start.

Another little goal that I had for the month was to beat my December mileage from previous years. I blew that goal out of the water and managed to maintain my 6 days of running per week. Though, that in an of itself had a few challenges of its own… Like a work holiday dinner and needing to run after consuming a LOT of yummy food. My secret to success there… eating very little protein and sticking with carbs and sugar which the body can process easier. It wasn’t my fastest run and it certainly didn’t feel the greatest but I managed.

I had two races on the schedule but took a DNS on the second one after the first one was less than stellar. Running in freshly fallen snow that is not packed down is akin to running in slippery sand and I just wasn’t conditioned for it. My ankle took quite a beating so I opted to play it safe and run in the gym instead of attempting an 8K with similar conditions.

I also got back into strength training. My hopes are to continue that through the new year. And I really hope that when the mileage needs to start to increase, I can still maintain the strength training to some degree.

Consistency was the name of the game for December. It has been years since I have run that many days a week or even in a given month. I was surprised to find that I felt really good. And luckily, aside from the ankle issue caused by a race, I was injury free. Don’t get me wrong… I was certainly sore… but it was the good sore resulting from giving your muscles a good workout.

I am excited for the January workouts

The December total by numbers… 25 Runs for 31.90 Miles


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