So… I was supposed to race yesterday. I was supposed to start of the New Year with a 5K. It was supposed to signify that I was determined to stick to my running goals this year. It was supposed to help me complete the Holiday challenge. But instead, I bailed.

I made an effort though… I geared up and Chris and I started heading over to the race site. But there was a LOT of snow and the wind was brutal, whipping icy snow pellets at us. About half way to the race site my ankle was already bugging me quite a bit. I knew running… or in reality mostly walking… would not be smart. Not only was I utterly miserable but I just didn’t want to risk hurting the ankle again. I WANTED to be able to run the rest of this week.

So I made the decision to bail. I told Chris that he was more than welcome to race on his own while I waited at 11 City Dinner with a nice warm cup of coffee. But he doesn’t do 5K crazy by himself. It would be his first ever DNS (or DNR… Did Not Run in his words). So his bruised ego and I headed to eat instead.

While on the way to get food we passed a woman running to the race and she was a bit confused and inquired, to which I told her we were bailing. I wished her luck and we parted ways.

Is this how I wanted to start the year off? Absolutely not! Do I feel bad about giving Chris his first DNS? Yes. Do I think I made the right decision? OH HELL YES!

It was one of those adult moments where you need to make a decision and chances are either way you won’t be happy with the decision. Because truly, had I chosen to run instead of bail, I would have been miserable and not at all happy and my ankle likely would have paid the price. But I also know that choosing to bail was the right decision. Not only for me but for Chris as well. Chris was planning to run the race with me… so at my much slower than his pace but he also has a marathon coming up in 18 days. Running in such conditions would have been far to great a gamble for him. The marathon is the more important race. So despite his grumblings and bruised ego… it was the right call. You can thank me later, Chris :-p

To top it all off, it meant I failed at my Holiday Challenge. With only 5 days remaining in the challenge, I failed. This fact bothers me far more than not racing. Had my gym been open, I would have gladly dragged my butt there to get in a run instead. But that was not an option. So I failed.

Now, despite the fact that I did technically fail at the holiday challenge that I laid out for myself, I can look at the bright side. The challenge did force me to keep up the running in December when I typically stop running. I had higher mileage this December than I ever have in the past. And so for that, I think the challenge was success. Because had it not been for the challenge, there are definitely a number of days in which I would have just bailed on the run.

One day into the new year and I have already failed at a goal… But I also have an intact ankle. So really, I made the right decision

And hey, at least I was color-coordinated :-p

NYD 1-1-14


4 thoughts on “NYD5K – DNS

  1. You did not fail, you made a right decision. My biggest regret? Getting caught up with my pride and racing a 5K without stretching…partially tore my achilles and was out for months. I was so mad at myself for racing and running hard when I shouldn’t have, all because I wanted to place in the top ten. Well, I did, but then I wasn’t able to run the marathon I had my heart set on. I would’ve done anything to trade that 5K race in for the marathon! If you or Chris had run and gotten injured, you would have never forgiven yourself.

    • Thanks! I DO know that I made the right decision. But I am still bummed that I got so close to a goal only to have it fall apart. So now I am just going to move forward to the next goal 🙂

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