Training: December 23rd – 29th

Dec 23-29

Monday – 1.87 Miles

After a morning of last minute grocery shopping with mom, I spent some time relaxing and my TX visiting guilty pleasure TV watching… Re-runs of One Tree Hill and Beverly Hills 90210 on Soap Net. I went to run some errands with dad and drive (for the first time since the car accident over a year and a half ago). Got home and made the decision to hold off on the run because I was starving but it was too early for dinner. Besides, the run last week ok after a very full tummy. So after tex mex dinner, I headed out. Towards the end of the first loop I was nearing an outcove where a gaggle (I think that’s the correct term for a large group of ducks) of ducks all sat. My approach caused them to become scared and scatter which in turn scared the living daylights out of me. I was feeling good after the first loop so went for a second… and luckily the ducks had moved so there were no more scares.

Tuesday – 1.07 Miles

Headed out for a run before dinner. I had an inkling that I might want to do a second loop but my Wendy’s fast food lunch wasn’t going to allow that… Pizza lunch fine – Wendy’s lunch not fine – Got it. So after just one loop I called it a day and then saw my pace and was rather surprised… though it explained why I felt much more winded than I should have been… even with the hills

Wednesday – Rest

Merry Christmas! Woke up far earlier than I wanted to and once I heard my dad in the kitchen I got up to bring the rest of the presents downstairs… IE all the ones my parents bought for each other but had me wrap. We had fun opening presents and the cat had a blast playing with all the paper and bows. Afterwards, mom started with her cooking magic and I chilled while I watched my father repeatedly ask if he could help and my mom repeatedly request he stay out of the damn kitchen. This has become a normal routine and it tends to make me chuckle because dad tells me that if he didn’t offer he would be in the dog house but mom insists she is ready to chase him out of the kitchen with a knife. Ahhh Holiday memories 🙂 My parents friends came over and we all had fun chatting and I had my regular Drink of Sambuca with my dad’s golf buddy… luckily without the killing two bottles of the stuff this year… But that is a funny story for another day.

Thursday – 1.13 Miles

Went to see, Saving Mr. Banks with my parents after a lazy morning of more guilty pleasure TV Watching. So went for a run shortly after getting home. It was an uneventful run except for the fact that the grass was being cut in the subdivision common areas so I had to cut over to the residential side and off the lake-loop path. Oh well. And yes, the grass still needs to be mowed in December in TX.

Friday – 1.09 Miles

My Favorite – Shopping in Southlake Town Square with mommy. That is how we spent our day while dad golfed. I got home and had visions of doing more than loop before I got out there but knew I was a tad dehydrated… so figured I would go by feel. I wasn’t feeling the second loop so called it quites after one. Plus, we were going to Babe’s for dinner… and the sooner I showered and was ready to go the sooner we would be there. Babe’s is a great hole in the wall spot. They have two items on the menu, Fried Chicken or Chicken Fried Steak (hey – it’s TX people) and it all comes with salad, biscuits, mashed potatoes and creamed corn. YUM! Totally worth the one loop 😛 But despite only doing one loop it was at least a rather fast loop… which wasn’t the intent but I was happy to be doing quicker miles with the hills.

Saturday – 1.03 Miles

Last TX run and I had high hopes for the run… I had visions of two… even three loops. But my body quickly told me that it wasn’t having that. It was a nice sunny 60 something degree day… so perhaps my body just got really confused by the weather… Regardless, I was done after one loop.

Sunday – 1.00 Mile and Leg Day

After an early flight (and short cat nap on the plane), I got home and had a late lunch/early dinner and proceeded to unpack. A lot of people hate packing… I hate UNPACKING. So I was rather proud of myself for getting it all done the day I arrived home. Then decided to vacuum because I feared that if I stayed on my couch I would fall asleep. In doing so, I opened my closet door to vacuum the edges there and hit one of my shoes on the floor. When I went to move it back in place I saw water drip from it. WTF?!?!?!?! Immediately pull everything off the floor of my bedroom closet to find a lovely pool of water (note extreme sarcasm). Apparently a pipe had burst while I was gone… and long story short, due to a F**k up by the maintenance guys in my building, I was not only NOT informed when it happened but it also meant I had water sitting there for several days. Needless to say there is some damage. I might get into more details later but will leave it at that for now. After making sure I got all the water off my floor I decided to head to the gym. If ever there was a need to go to the gym… I did my mile and then did a light leg day.


Sunday was one of those days where I didn’t want to go to the gym but did want to go to the gym. I certainly needed to work off some frustration and really… I had made it a solid 3 weeks into the Holiday challenge and only needed one more day to make it a solid 4 weeks. So I went and I am glad that I did.

Coming up this week – New Years Day 5K with Chris. It will be cold and snowy. This race is intended to be more fun and given Chris’s chosen race attire it will likely be clashing as well.

This will also be my last week of the Holiday Challenge at which point I will have a solid 5 weeks of 6 days of running. Pretty impressive for me considering I typically rarely run in December.


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