Training: December 16th – 22nd

Dec 16-22

Monday – 1.00 Mile & Upper Body Strength Training

This run and workout were in danger of not happening since the previous week. Work announced that we would have a little holiday dinner and I agreed to go. So I brought my gym bag to work and vowed not to drink anything other than water at the dinner. My co-workers kept insisting that I would never make it to the gym but I was determined to prove them wrong. I left once we were all done eating (and after drinking only water) to take the train to the gym but a co-worker also going to LP offered to drive me to the gym so I accepted. I knew the run wasn’t going to be pleasant after eating a ton of food but I also knew that it didn’t matter how fast I went. I was quite please with my 10:29 time because I had fully anticipated the run taking me at least a minute longer to complete. I then hit the weights… and weight lifting is so much easier on a full tummy than running.

Tuesday – 1.13 Miles & Leg Day

After my sinfully indulgent Monday, I decided to add a little extra to the run… and decided to just do extra laps until I felt like I was done… so one additional lap later I decided I was done :-p BUT my mile time was faster than the day before… so progress. I started to notice that the runs were feeling better and they felt easier (excluding tummy filling adventures) so I was happy about that. I then headed to the weights area of the gym and worked pretty hard knowing it was my last leg day before vacation.

Wednesday – 1.00 Mile & Upper Body Strength Training

I had visions of doing extra laps but I just didn’t have it in me. I still needed to finish my holiday cards and start packing… I was also telling myself that I would do Laundry… So I kept it to my normal 8 laps and then strength trained. I wanted to get in a good strength training session knowing it would likely be my last until I got back from vacation. I felt pretty good after the workout and managed to get the holiday cards done. However, Laundry did not happen… so I brought home a small load of dirty laundry… That whole being an adult thing was kind of aloof this week…

Thursday – 1.95 Miles

The entire week the weather forecast called for rain and I was freaking out all week. My gym would be closed for regular maintenance… though why they can’t close on a Friday/Saturday or even Saturday/Sunday is beyond me. I am not thrilled with running in the rain but after the Zoo race this year, I decided I can deal if I need to. However, barely warm enough to actually BE rain instead of snow… Yea… Hell no. I had been trying to work out contingent plans (like running after a LONG day on Friday which I was NOT thrilled with) but luckily, when I got home from work, I saw that the rain would hold off long enough for me to get in a run. I was THRILLED! I felt pretty good during the run too. After the run, I finished packing and then headed to my buildings condo association meeting.

Friday – Rest

I woke up long before my alarm went off at 2:45 and could NOT get back to sleep… It was going to be a VERY long day. I got dressed and did my last minute leaving town stuff and then headed off to work with suitcase in tow. The morning at work was super busy and the phone just would not stop ringing. But things slowed down enough in the afternoon for me to wrap up all my lose ends and leave work a tad early to get to the airport. After a trip on the train and a fairly hassle free trip through security, I had some dinner and then had a little time to kill before we boarded. Flight was on time leaving and I was happy about that. It was a very packed plane but the plane was a mere two weeks old (and BTW – there is such a thing as new plane smell) and therefore had TVs at each seat so I passed the time with episodes of Big Bang Theory. We were actually going to land about 5 minutes early until Traffic control suddenly decided we needed to come in a different way so instead of touching down we were going back up to turn around… Which meant we landed late instead. *sigh* this is why I planned to take the day as a rest day. Got back to my parents and went to bed fairly quickly… Only to have issues with a pillow that I have been using at my parents for WAY too many years. And the thunderstorms didn’t really help me stay asleep much either….

Saturday – 1.05 Miles

Woke up bright and early Saturday and just did not want to get up… it was rainy and gloomy but dad and I still had our Christmas Shopping to do. So off we went to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast and a chit chat while we waited for stores to open. It wasn’t exactly pleasant shopping in the rain but once we were done we headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond so I could get a new pillow (YAY!). I then proceeded to nap when I got home. Luckily the rain stopped and I was able to head outside for a run. After a quick check of the weather conditions I bundled up and headed out…. and quickly remembered that 15mph winds in TX are a LOT warmer than in Chicago… so I was a tad overdressed and got way too warm way to fast. Oops… I also got killed by the “hills” in my parents subdivision around their (man made) little lake. From door, loop around the lake back to door is just over a mile. The loop around the lake itself is roughly .80 around and though the hills are short some of them are STEEP. My flat track running legs were not prepared for that… But I survived… even if I was far more winded than I should have been.

Sunday – 1.24 Miles

After some shopping and the grocery store with mom (and some left over pizza for lunch), I headed back out to tackle the hills again. And… It really didn’t go that much better. After a stop at the water fountain (thank goodness it was still on… yay for rarely below freezing weather) I started on a second lap but the full lap wasn’t going to happen so I turned off the lake-loop path and headed back home instead.


All in all it was a good week of training and I still had a week of those lake-loop hills to go…

Sunday – 1.24 Miles


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