A Holiday Letter… Blog Style

Those who know me well (or anyone that has met me during the Holiday season) knows that I am mildly obsessed with Christmas… Ok fine… I am REALLY obsessed with Christmas. Give me a string (or several) of lights and a bunch of glitter covered ornaments and some Christmas carols and I am in heaven. And if you happen to walk into Crate & Barrel with me when I discover that their Christmas Ornaments are out… well… you may lose hearing for the next several hours due to my squeals of excitement

As a kid, as I am sure is true with most children, Christmas was all about the presents. And though, that is a part of Christmas that I still enjoy, it is not the point of the holiday anymore. I truly love the sights and sounds of this holiday. Something I do several times a year and really just LOVE is (Lincoln Park) Zoo Lights. Thousands of strands of Christmas lights set to Christmas music… Oh HELL YES!!!  And if you have ever seen my home at Christmas time… you might assume it is visible from space because of the number of Christmas lights I have up. But another thing I love at Christmas time is my Holiday Cards.

Back when I moved from NJ to TX, I started to send out Christmas cards to friends in states where I had previously lived (so NJ and MI). It was a very small list and it was something I started to do to feel more like an adult (let’s ignore the irony there). Slowly but surely, the list grew. Now I have a list of over 100 people divided up into three categories. I also have this all color-coded and in an excel spreadsheet… and… But moving on.

What some may or may not know is that I write two holiday letters. One for the family that essentially sums up my
life over the past year and the other one for my friends and is usually whatever I felt inspired to write for the year.

This year, I have decided to sort of write a third – one for my blog. And since it is my blog… I am going to do what I want with this letter


It has been an incredible year in general. There have certainly been some curve balls thrown my way but overall it was a great year. As someone who has always had an incredibly small family, I have always looked to friends as a sort of extension of my family. This year is no different and I am beyond thrilled that I have several new additions to my “family” and I want to take this time to talk about that… and I am going to keep it run specific because this post will be long enough as it is.

I wasn’t sure what I would get out of this blog when I started it. But I have been pleasantly surprised. I have never considered myself a stellar runner. I can usually accomplish the goals I have set for myself but I am also conservative when I set those goals. Not because I don’t think I am capable of more but more because it is all I am capable of for that moment in time… if that makes sense at all.

Races are a good example, I look at how training has gone and the weather forecast reports before I set a time goal (if any) for a race. Granted, I have certainly surprised myself with some races this year. But I still feel like the goals I set for the races (that I ended up blowing out of the water) were appropriate given the training. I also believe that there are just those magical running days… the days where everything lines up perfectly for you. Those kinds of days are rare but those days are also part of the reason why I continue to run.

Running is typically a solitary sport but there have been so many people that I have shared my running experiences with this year. These people have not only supported me but they have helped me fall back in love with running again… after 2012 it was no secret that I was sort of lost when it came to running but this year I was able to get it back and keep it.

The hardest part of the run is that first step out the door. There is no doubt that there have been many days where this statement has been incredibly true. But with all the support I have gotten this year, that first step has been a lot easier to take. So, I would like to thank these people especially for supporting me over this past year. There are lots of other people as well, but I choose to limit the list to people that I have actually shared experienceswith this past year. The list is in first name alphabetical order…  Simply because I cannot color-code this in excel… well I guess I could but I am not going to :-p

Chris (Altruda’s Alley)
Chris (My Kind of Run)
Declan (Stop Running Dad)
Eric (This Hobbit Runs)
Erica (Erica Finds)
Erin (Eri-thon)
Karen (Trading in my Heels)
Maggie (Mag Mile Runner)
Pete (Lakefront Trail)
All of my other Blog Followers and Friends

And as always, a thanks to my parents for always supporting me in
my life and especially on this crazy running journey I have taken.
I know you cannot always be there cheering me on in person, but I
know you ARE always cheering me on.


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