What to Expect Next Week

Since next week is Christmas and I will be in Texas, you won’t be hearing from me much. I have a couple of posts drafted up already, but outside of those, I don’t plan to blog. But I may decided to throw in a few posts with pictures of the Cat or the Christmas decorations my parents put up…

This means no training reports or Throwback… I know you are disappointed but I promise to catch you all up once I return.

I still fully intend to keep up with the Holiday Challenge while I am in Texas… and hopefully the weather on Saturday will cooperate… or my mom will take me to her gym (hint hint mom). Also going to try to keep up with some sort of strength training. I do have one set of free weights at my parents house and there are tons of body weight exercises that I can do as well… so we shall see.

In other news… I was thrilled that it was NOT raining when I got home yesterday and I was able to run outside. With my gym being closed I was stressing out over what to do about running. In fact, I even considered running after landing in TX. I am SOOO thrilled I do not have to do that now since it looks like it will be storming there so there is a decent chance my flight will be delayed. Plus, I just did not sleep well last night… I think this is becoming the norm when I travel…

It’s been a very busy week and I am looking forward to some downtime next week. I wish everyone safe travels and a very happy holiday season!

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