Throwback Wednesday – Running Goes to Hell in a Hand-Basket – Summer 2012

Since the day I moved into my Apartment back in December of 2005, I knew the only way I would move out of the apartment was if I either got married or could afford to buy a condo… whichever happened to come first.

As someone who is a tad (fine – a LOT) OCD about my finances, I knew what I could afford. I had been looking at stuff online for months but hadn’t actually started to hit the pavement so-to-speak. So while mom was visiting in July, we started the process.

It started off easy enough. I knew what I wanted… and what I could afford. What I wanted and what I could afford didn’t exactly match up. So instead, I had a small list of requirements that I refused to budge on (primarily location) but could also afford. I fully understood that when I found something, I was likely going to need to put in a little bit of work over time to make it what I truly wanted. But, for me, as long as I had my location, the rest I could deal with.

Essentially, I wanted a Kitchen that was larger than the one in the apartment, which really was not too difficult… though I did see some that were smaller. With regards to the kitchen, I also wanted something that was at least in the same condition of the apartment. Although, ideally I wanted a better condition if I could find it. I also wanted a bathroom that didn’t need to be all pretty and new but I also didn’t want something that would need to be gutted. Outside of that, I wanted at least a one bedroom.

Location, Location, Location. I had my priorities

Mom and I found a place that I really liked pretty quickly. It happened to be the first place that I looked at. And after looking at a handful of other places after, I kept going back to that first one. So I put in an offer.

On a Friday afternoon, I was given a verbal that my offer was accepted. But the seller was dealing with a re-location company (essentially the company she worked for paid to move her to a new location). And they were closed for the weekend so we would get everything signed on Monday.

But come Monday, there was still no paperwork and we found out that two more offers had come in over the weekend. Since nothing was signed after my verbal acceptance, I was now in a bidding war… sort of. We were told to submit best and final.

After lots of stressed time had passed, I found out that my offer was accepted and paperwork was signed.

I started to make plans for the move. I scheduled my inspection for the following Sunday and was rather excited about my new adventure.  I had the BTN Race on the Saturday before and so the following morning, mom and I headed to inspection

My Uncle (Parents best friend) just happens to be an inspector, so we met up on Sunday morning and after snafu with the keys, we were finally in. This having been my first inspection, I wasn’t actually sure what to expect but also knew that there was the possibility to find stuff wrong so I was nervous.

And find something wrong we did… To sum it up… the AC was grossly inadequate and for anyone that knows how cold I like my place (particularly when I sleep) knows that was a non-negotiable point for me.

After a serious discussion with my uncle about all the options and then further back and forth with my mom and my dad, it was decided that I would walk away. I still have no doubt that was the correct decision.

But right decision or not, it meant I was thrown back into condo looking… and needless to say this is not a quick process. I kept a close watch on properties that came available and searched for the criteria I had. I essentially felt like I had another job.

Looking for a place to move into became the priority because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay in my Apt for another year and though I had time left on my lease, I also knew that I needed some sort of cushion. The beginning of August was consumed with condo hunting. I became more and more stressed worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to find anything that made me happy.

As much as I tried, running had to take a back seat. Condo hunting became the priority.

Of course, in the middle of all of this, I had another race to get through…


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