Training: December 9th – 15th

Dec 9-15

Monday – 1.00 Mile & Leg Day

Monday after work I headed home to change and then headed to the gym… I am failing miserably at that whole run to/from the gym thing. But its been REALLY cold here. However, I still got in my mile run on the track. I think I have completely given up on the treadmill… I just hate it too much. But I can deal with the track. Afterwards, I headed down two levels to use the machines and get in a solid leg day.

Tuesday – 1.00 Mile & Upper Body Strength Training

Again, went home after work to change and then head to the gym… at which point I decided that perhaps I should just bring my gym stuff to work with me to save about 30/45 minutes of time. I really don’t like bringing my gym stuff with me to work and/or bringing some of my work stuff to the gym… but knowing how cold it was supposed to be, I figured it was a better option going forward. I was happy to notice that I shaved off a little bit of time on my mile run around the track. I then headed to the machines again to get in the strength training. After doing bicep curls I decided I would need to use the one up heavier weights because the ones I was using were getting to easy. Ahhh… Progress

Wednesday – 1.00 Mile & Leg Day

Went straight from work to the gym and wow… what a difference 45 minutes makes… much more quiet… although, school is also out which adds to that whole quite factor. Post Jan 1 will NOT be fun at the gym. Did my mile and as I was nearing the end of my 8 laps, I noticed that if I kept pace, I could not only beat my mile time from Monday but also from Tuesday. This became my new mission and I succeeded. Back down to the machines to get in my leg day. I definitely feel like I need to add stuff to my Leg Days at the gym… but right now I am under quite the time crunch with the holidays. So I will work on that after the New Year.

Thursday – 1.00 Mile & Upper Body Strength Training

We had a meeting at the end of the day at work which meant I left work later than normal. And since I knew I also had a condo building holiday party to get to, it was always the plan to go straight to the gym. Of course this also meant hitting the begging to rush hour… But made it the gym and quickly changed. I REALLY wanted to beat my mile from the day before… I was on a 3 day roll so why stop now. I succeeded… by 2 seconds but hey… two seconds is two seconds. Did a shorter upper body day but with the heavier weights for bicep curls. I really wanted to do more but I was already party start time and I still had to get home to shower and change quickly to get to the party. So, I walked home, took a very quick shower, threw on some clothes, threw the hair in a pony tail and headed downstairs to the restaurant in the building. Gotta love easy logistics. I had a lovely conversation with a guy who lives in the building as well about running and races and triathlons. I might just have a new running buddy to throw into the mix.

Friday – Rest

I didn’t feel like I NEEDED the rest because overall I have been feeling really good. Yes, this is why I will be going back to 5 running days a week. The fact that I was going to be running all over the city getting race packets and to get just a little bit of food at the grocery store (because… you know… its generally a good idea to have more than coffee and pop in your fridge) before heading home had a LOT more to do with the rest day. Plus, with two races over the weekend, I figured a rest day wouldn’t hurt. So I made myself a frozen pizza (yes, I still maintain my pre-race ritual) and then relaxed with a little bit of TV before heading to bed early.

Saturday – Jingle Bell 5K Race

You can read the full recap here. When I woke up, I knew it was going to be a difficult race… but since I had ZERO time expectations, I didn’t care. And with a race a mere blocks from my home… I didn’t have to worry about logistics. But I did have to worry about snow… a few inches of freshly fallen snow. I equated the race to essentially running in slippery sand… because really, I have gotten more traction on the few sand runs I have done. This made for one very unhappy ankle. I felt the pain throughout the race, but once I was home and done, I realized that resting was probably my better option. And since I had slept horribly the night before, a nice long nap sounded wonderful. And to quote my mother, “Naps always help.” So after a shower, I completely conked out on the couch for a solid two hours. When I woke up, I figured out that the pain was actually my Achilles Tendonitis flaring up again but it felt significantly better than it had a few hours prior. So I met Courtney for dinner and then a tour of Zoo Lights. Thankfully everything was shoveled by this point.

Sunday – 1.00 Mile & Leg Day

Yea… you all may have noticed the DNS that I took for the race. After the pain I felt running a 5K, I didn’t think an 8K on essentially the same course was going to go any better. So I opted to bail and head to the gym instead. Admittedly as I sat on my couch enjoying my cup of coffee, I did feel guilty because this was the race that I had actually been looking forward to. But I also had no doubt it was the right decision since the ankle was still a tad angry with me. So after a breakfast of Scrambled Eggs with Toast and a quick cleaning of the closet (where I finally pulled out my winter sweaters) I headed to the gym. My ankle felt fine during my 8 laps on the track and I am sure the soft surface helped quite a bit. Throughout the run, I was surprised to discover I was keeping a 10:00 min pace… which made me rather happy, so I was determined to hit that on the last lap and ended up crushing it to finish my mile in 9:49 instead. Hell Yea! Then did a leg day… and might have over done it a tad… I used the butt machine (I call it that because I don’t know the actual name but knows it targets the butt muscles), which is not the norm for me but also know that I SHOULD make it the norm. Then headed home for a quick shower before heading back out to go to a friends Saint Lucia  (Seriously click on the link to check out the history behind it… its really neat) party.  A really cool tradition that he has where he makes incredibly yummy Saffron Buns… to which I probably ate about 25 of them (Hey – It was my dinner and I was starving).


So despite the DNS, it was still a very good week for working out.  I was also a bummed that the mileage for the week was a little less than the previous week, But oh well.

Hoping to have another solid week before heading to TX to where I intend to keep up with the running. The strength training will take a back seat since I won’t really have access to a gym. But I might be able to get in some body weight strength training stuff. And you know… carrying all the bags after finally doing my Christmas Shopping should totally count as strength training :-p

My only potential difficult day this week will be Thursday when my gym closes for some maintenance. They do this about twice a year which is fine… and it’s always when school it out but did they HAVE to choose a Thursday & Friday instead of Friday and Saturday? Thursday is far busier than Saturday… so really… not happy. Planning to run outside on Thursday instead but the weather calls for rain. And there is no chance in hell I will be running in the rain when it is not even 40 degrees out. So fingers crossed that it is not raining when I get home from work on Thursday.


One thought on “Training: December 9th – 15th

  1. does it rain when it’s 40 degrees out, I’d have thought that would be either sleet or snow. I am always amazed that you guys can live happily in places that get that cold, brrrr.

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