Throwback Wednesday – BTN Big 10K 2012

After Bastille, I thought I might get back into training… And I ran once… Just once over a nearly two week period. Yea… that’s not training…

So far for July, I had run only 4 times… two of which were races. Clearly things were not going well… Not only was it pretty hot (well… Hot by Chicago Standards) but I had started to look at Condos while mom was in town. And I even found one which I put in an offer on that was accepted.  The condo inspection was to be the day after the race

Eric found this race. It was in its inaugural year and we (Eric, Chris and I) figured why not? Since Eric went to Michigan State, he had a greater interest in the race that I did… but since I would have ended up there had I not gotten into DePaul I was all for it as well.

Mom drove us to Soldier Field the morning of the race. It was a hot one… Warmer than I wanted to race in and I had a suspicion this race wasn’t going to go too well for me. After a pre-race picture, Eric went to line up with the speedy people and Chris and I went to hang with the slower people.

2 BTN 7-28-12

Once the race started, Chris took off. I had no intentions of running a decent pace…. I really just wanted to finish the race. It was a decent out and back course and it was fun to hear people chanting fight songs and catch phrases and they came across people sporting their schools colors.

There was even a slip and slide near the turn-around… I briefly considered hopping in line thinking it might cool me off… But I also knew that I had people waiting for me… so I just kept going. I really wasn’t enjoying the sun exposed course anymore. I was tired and hot and just wanted to be done.

Eventually I made it through to the finish line and without even looking at my watch; I knew that I was not going to be happy with the time…

I found mom, Eric and Chris without too much difficulty in the crowds. We all headed back to the car and headed home.

Official Time 1:17:56 for a Pace of 12:33… By far my worse 10K time to date

BTN Race Results


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