A Few of My Favorite Things

I have a lot of favorite things… running and baseball being two. But one thing that ranks up there as a favorite is Christmas time.

I love EVERYTHING about the season… the lights, the music, the decorations, holiday cards, traditions, etc. To say that I go crazy over this holiday would be a slight understatement. In fact, if you meet me around this time of year, you are likely to learn very quickly just how much I love this holiday.

My best friend, whom I met Freshman Year of college, is hardly any stranger to this. In fact, she used to plan trips to Crate and Barrel just so I could ooo and ahhh over the Christmas ornaments. When I first visited her in NYC during the holidays, we spent an entire day wandering all over the city looking at Christmas Decorations. In fact, Christmas music and several strands of Lights will instantly make me happy.

Of course, this means I tend to go crazy when I decorate my home for the holidays. So I thought I would share some pictures of my decorations with you all.

Dear Santa, I want it all
When you first walk in you will be greeted by this – My “Dear Santa, I want it All!” Stocking
My best friend gave this to me and I LOVE IT!

Entrance 2013
And here is everything else on there

Front Door
The inside of my Front door

Heel Stocking
hehe – I just love this stocking that a friend gave me one year

Santa 2013
This Santa sits next to my TV

Left of TV 2013
And on the other side of the TV…

Next to Couch
The end table next to my couch

Top Shelf 2013
The Top Shelf of one of my book shelves

Second Shelf 2013
And on the second shelf…

Stockings 2013
My “fireplace mantle” – I don’t actually have a fireplace… but I like to make it look like I do

Wreaths 2013
Pretty wreath and Snowflake

Snow Wanted 2013
Hehe – Yep

Main Christmas Tree 2013
My Main Christmas Tree – Yes, I have a LOT of Ornaments and Lights
And no, I have not actually done my Christmas shopping… those are all fake presents that I wrapped to put under the tree every year. Christmas Trees look funny without presents underneath…

Bedroom Dresser
The top of one of my Dressers

Next to Bed
Next to my Bed and yes, I put lights on my headboard

Baby Tree 2013
Then there is this tree…

I have had this tree since I was a baby. My mom started this tree for my for my first Christmas and ever since then, ornaments have been added… to the point where there is now about 2 ornaments on every branch and even some in between branches hanging from the strand of lights. This tree sort of tells my life story. The ornaments represent either something that was my main interest that year or some significant event that happened that year. Of all of the decorations that I have, this one means the most to me. This is usually the first decoration I put up as well.

I realize this is a break from the running talk… But we will be back tomorrow with Throwback Wednesday! I know you are waiting on the edge of your seat.

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