Training: December 2nd – 8th

Dec 2-8

Monday – 1.00 Mile & Lower Body Strength Training

I officially started my Holiday challenge 4 days late… I know, I know. Bad Runner. But I also decided to extend the challenge to make up for the late start. Plus in my Excel obsessed mind I decided that I really should start/end a challenge mid-week. I did a nice (read torturous) run on the treadmill. I find it odd that even though I set my initial pace at 10:21 and after going .80 started to up the pace to end at 9:xx something pace that the run took me 10:31 to complete… Afterwards I did strength training for the legs. My body made it very clear that it did not appreciate the week off filled with lots of junk food…

Tuesday – 1.00 Mile & Upper Body Strength Training

I actually wanted to run to/from the gym but I forgot to charge my watch… whoops… so the indoor track it was. It was an uneventful run. Can definitely tell that DePaul is on Winter break since there are a LOT less people at the gym. Good for me though because I don’t have to wait for machines as much. Did some work on the upper body as well. Felt like that week off made me lose some of what I had gained before… but oh well… Also attempted to do some intervals on the stair-stepper before stretching and heading home but every time it went to the next “interval” the machine didn’t actually change the level. So I kept stopping and starting over and trying different settings. I think I did 6 total minutes on the machine. But after trying to re-set the damn thing for a 4th time, I gave up. All the other stair-steppers were in use. So I just decided to bail on that idea and stretch.

Wednesday – 1.90 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

With a fully charged watch, I headed out for a run to/from the gym. Decided that it would be a good idea to do at least a mile straight so I went a block and a half east before heading east toward my gym to make sure the first leg of the trip was at least one mile. Was very happy that it was over a mile once I reached the gym but also knew I was dressed WAY too warmly for the weird heat wave we were having. Another leg day and then a run home. The run home felt pretty difficult because my legs were angry with me… I may have done some extra sets of each exercise… because… well… because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Took the normal (and shorter) route home to make my legs just a tad happier.

Thursday – 1.00 Mile and Upper Body Strength Training

Hello cold snap! Yea, was not going to run to/from the gym. So it was back to the indoor track. While walking to the gym, I saw the greatest thing ever (see picture at the end of the post) and decided to snap a picture on the way home. Did a mile on the track and was puzzled when I saw the church across the street all lit up in blue (Keep in mind I am on campus people). Found out after through instagram and Erin, that the Christmas Concert was going on so Puzzle solved. Completed my upper body strength training and stretched then headed home.

Friday – Rest

I realize that the official Run Streak states you need to run daily. But given my work hours, and therefore, not having the ability to run in the morning, it just not possible for me to fit in a run sometimes. Which is why I modified the official challenge and dubbed it a Holiday Challenge instead of the Run Streak. So this was my day off for the week. After work, I had to run an errand then headed home to drop stuff off. Grab a quick dinner and get to a holiday party. I probably could have gotten in a run and arrived at the party later but I also didn’t want to stay late so I didn’t think that the arrive later option was a good one. Plus, in all reality, I do think I need at least one day off a week. But I did walk at least two miles so that should count for something. Had fun at the party catching up but made it home early.

Saturday – 2.00 Miles

When I woke up, I initially thought I would be heading to the gym at the end of the day to fit in the run. But after heading to the grocery and then walking home from the grocery store (roughly two miles). I decided that though it WAS cold outside, there was no wind so it really didn’t feel all that bad out. Plus, I kind of really wanted to get in a run outside… I actually like running outside and kind of missed it with the running at the gym part. I briefly considered waiting another hour so I could run through zoo lights. But after thinking about it, I figured running through zoo lights probably wouldn’t be much of an actual run considering the crowds… plus I was in the mood already and waiting meant I could get way too comfy on my couch. Despite the lack of zoo lights, it was still an enjoyable run.

Sunday – 1.34 Miles

When I woke up, I knew I should probably have changed and gone for a run right away. But I was feeling really dehydrated and so I checked the weather and it looked like I would be able to get in a run early afternoon before the snow started to fall. So I went about my normal Sunday morning routine of being lazy on my couch, making breakfast and then making my lunch for the week. Once all of this was done, I noticed it was snowing outside… So much for that weather report. I sat around and debated for about two hours what to do. I knew that if I went to the gym, I would also do strength training… because really, I am not going to go to the gym just to run a mile or so. But also was being picked up at 5 to go the Hawks game. In reality, I didn’t have enough time for the gym. I have never run outside while I was snowing and/or on freshly fallen snow. I usually wait at least a day. But with the holiday challenge, waiting a day was not an option. So I geared up with a pair of running shoes that I rarely wear and have decided are perfect for crappy weather (read possibly muddy and icky). As it took 15 minutes for Garmin to locate the satellites (seriously?!?!?!?! It didn’t take any time the day before) I REALLY considered ditching. I really like not having a sprained ankle. But I was dressed and outside. Satellites finally located and I headed east toward the path just west of Diversey Harbor and BRRRRR. Despite the same type of layers as the day before (which worked perfectly), I was cold and realized I made the mistake with the top layer… needed something that went higher on the neck or had a hood on it that I could pull up to protect the neck…. Ahh well… Live and learn… I knew I was only running to the CARA water fountain and back anyway. Running into the wind was brutally cold but I took comfort in the fact that I wasn’t the only crazy person out there… though I was probably the only crazy out there running less than 2 miles. Once I started to head north, it seemed that I was running with the wind and felt MUCH warmer… but that didn’t last long before I turned around to head back and was freezing again. All in all it wasn’t terrible but if I ever do that again, I will definitely dress more appropriately.


I am pleased with my training for the week. I know the mileage is low but that doesn’t matter to me as much. I am more concerned with making it routine to run and strength train which will hopefully make my plans for the new year a little easier to implement.

This week I have a LOT going on. And less than two weeks until I head down to TX for Christmas… I should probably get to work on those holiday cards…

And for the absolute BEST Christmas decoration EVER!!!!



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