To Run or Not to Run…

No, I am not giving up running… or even considering it… But I do want your opinion on something

Back in September, I talked about how I was going to Boston for marathon weekend in April. Since the bombings, I have wanted to be there to support the marathoners this year. Once that idea came to mind, I worked out the whole weekend in my head and it was going to be perfect… Going to Fenway with my dad, seeing the marathon… and running a 5K through BAA. After all, it would be the only chance I would ever have to run down Boylston street.

In looking into Marathon weekend info, I discovered the 5K, saw that it had the same finish line as the marathon and it instantly became a race I wanted to run. Sure, it wouldn’t be quite the same experience as running down Boylston street after having completed 26 miles. But it was certainly close enough for me… especially after what happened last year. I also decided to make it a goal race for the year… a race that I would (gasp) run for time.

However, last week, BAA announced that the race would be held on Saturday (instead of Sunday… which makes sense given that Sunday is Easter) and that the course has changed and will no longer have the same finish line as the Marathon

I was instantly devastated.

The main draw for the race for me was the finish line… I wanted that chance to run down Boylston street. I wanted it badly.

That is no longer an option so now I am torn… Do I still try to run it or not?

I know that if I choose to run, I will make the most of it. After all… a run is one of the better ways to see a city I have never been to before and both of my parents will be there to cheer me on. And, yes, I will still complete my main goal of supporting the marathon. I also have no doubt that the 5K will be heartfelt this year and all of the participants will be touched given the events of last year.

But Damnit! I want to finish on Boylston street!

So, in an effort to step back and obtain a more neutral view of the situation, I am reaching out to you all. What do you think… should I run it or not?

PS – I am also aware that there is a chance I won’t be able to get in… BAA races sell out FAST


8 thoughts on “To Run or Not to Run…

  1. I would probably run the new 5K and run the original 5K for fun. Not sure if you would have access to the finish line area though. Chicago marathon closed it off to the public this year and I expect Boston will be the same. Better chance of seeing the finish line after the marathon is all finished. I visited Boston a week after the marathon back in 2009 and it’s cool to see.

    • Yea… I have been wondering the same thing about access to finish line. In fact, I suspect that is why the course has changed.

      We will be there a few days early so definitely plan to check out the finish line before race day.

  2. GO! And design your own route so that you run where the bombing happened, have a cab pick you up if need be. 🙂 it might be a lot more meaningful, you paying your respects by yourself. I’ve had tons of meaningful runs all by myself. Besides, didn’t you already buy tix and have a ball game planned with your Dad? You’ll be in bean town regardless 😉

    • Hotel is booked already but outside of that… nothing is purchased yet. We figured Hotel would be the hardest thing to obtain and we could just work everything else around there.

      I have been planning to do a run (non-race related) while there too… but logistically not sure of the location because I have no idea where the hotel is in relation… Need to figure that all out but not top priority yet.

  3. I like what Ann said.
    I am pretty confident you’ll get the same support, experience, and euphoria from the new 5k route. It is a fun area! Even if you just get to walk across the finish line the day before!

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