Throwback Wednesday – Bastille Day 8K 2012

After Strike Out ALS… We had a whopping two days to prepare for the next race. And I use the word “prepare” very loosely. We being the usual suspects of Chris, Eric and me.

Since this race was a mere two blocks from my apartment, mom came to watch. We arrived a little early but didn’t really wait around for more than 15 minutes. After a pre-race picture, Mom went to find a place to sit and we lined up and were off.

3 Bastille 7-12-12

I went into this race with no goals. It was only my second 8K ever and running still wasn’t back on track… which ended up being a theme. But I was excited about the race because I was finally able to run this race.

Luckily it wasn’t too horribly hot. The lack of sun helped immensely… well the sun was out but it had started to set so it was mostly behind buildings and trees.

For the most part, the race was a blur. I just wanted to enjoy the race and not really worry about anything and so that’s what I did. I was even able to give a little kick to the finish line. Cool little bonus, we got little French flags in the finisher chute along with your typical post-race stuff.

I knew the boys would finish before me, so we agreed to meet where my mom was sitting waiting for us. I found them easily and was pretty happy with my race time. We took a post race pic and then we decided that we needed frozen yogurt so off we went.

4 Bastille 7-12-12

The following day I suddenly had an epiphany… Hey… I beat my Shamrock 8K time… I have a new PR! Haha Priorities people… frozen yogurt was more important 😛

Official Time – 55:13 for a 11:08 Pace

Bastille Results

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