November in Review

November 2013

I didn’t really have any goals going into the month. And with only race on the schedule, I did struggle with motivation. I think mostly because I was just in a running funk. The cold that I got in early October completely killed the awesome momentum that I had going and I struggled to get that back.

Despite all that, I am please with the way the month turned out. I manged to run 13 times for a total of 31.28 miles. I am also very happy to report that I ran more in November than last year and the year before…. and if I had gotten in just one more mile… I would have beaten my Nov 2010 mileage as well. All of which I am please with.

Nov 2010 to 2013

I also managed to make it to the gym 10 times for some strength training. My hope is to continue with the strength training through December. I was made very aware over the past year that I have become rather weak (physically) and I really want to get some of that strength back. The overall hope is that it continues through all of next year… but baby steps


With December, I have the holiday challenge going. And though I started it 4 days late, I am toying with the idea of adding on some days in the new year to make up for it. Plus… New Year’s falls on a Wednesday… so mine-as-well finish off the whole week on the challenge. Also toying with the idea of just making it a December challenge. Even doing the challenge for December only will be better than all of my other December’s… I usually run very little… so thinking about it but no decision yet.

Also want to keep up with the strength training and focusing on a solid base. Ideally, I would like to have a solid base of 3 miles a day by the end of February and then work on a 4 mile base in March before starting to train for Soldier Field in April. Still figuring out the goals for 2014 but I am getting there.


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