Training: November 25th – December 1st

Nov 25-Dec1

Monday – No Miles

I had always intended to not run on Monday. Given that my parents were in town and we would be leaving the next day for Michigan, I knew there would be other things to do instead. I did however walk about a mile home thanks to Bidden closing most of the roads in my neighborhood as I was heading home after work. After sitting on the bus for 20 minutes and not moving and being told it would be another 20 minutes, I knew I could walk home faster… as so I did. Although the choice to wear tennis shoes instead of boots to work proved a foolish decision as I slipped several times on the walk home… luckily did not fall though. Decorated my Christmas tree with my parents and then we grabbed some dinner and after that I packed. I am also happy to report that the ugliest track lighting I have ever seen is no longer in my condo. Per my (very small) list of “Daddy Do’s” I know have pretty new light fixtures. Thanks Dad!

Tuesday – Travel Day

The parents picked me up from work and we were on the road to Michigan. I sat in the back and read my book, played around on FB and text with friends. Once getting into Michigan, mom and I briefly played a game of “how much can we annoy my father with music” – It was a very short game when we FINALLY located the all Christmas music XM station. The trip took longer than originally anticipated as MI was getting some of the snow that Chicago got the day before… plus there is that whole lake effect thing… But we made it in one piece and dad only got lost once… in the parking lot after I had requested a quick pit stop. Need to note that the hotel room had a huge hot tub in the room… next to the bed… as in NOT in the bathroom. This definitely caused a WTF moment by all three of us and it was definitely a FB worthy picture to post

Wednesday – Seeing my Aunt and Uncle… And meeting my Cousins…

We were up at a decent time… although we were a tad thrown by the time change… it was only an hour but it was enough. I demanded Starbucks after a dreadful night of sleep on the worse pull out bed couch I have ever been on… and I went to college so I have been on my fair share of really horrible mattress… this one took the cake by far. Thank goodness for the Starbucks app. We also made a stop to get bacon for breakfast per the requested phone call my uncle made to my father in the morning. Of course no one knew the name of the place and instead we were told to look for the giant chicken.

We arrived at my Aunt and Uncles’s new home… it was the first time any of us had been there since they moved a few years earlier. We arrived just in time for the Goat Milking. Yes, you read that correctly… My aunt and uncle have 9 goats and 5 chickens. I was introduced to my “cousins” because my aunt and uncle (who do not have children) refer to the goats as “the kids”. I was entertaining to watch my uncle “work the farm” so-to-speak but I declined the offer to milk a goat… I am a city girl for a reason here people.

We spent the day chatting away and watched my uncle make goat milk (which was yummy) and the farm fresh scrambled eggs were delicious. An easy pizza dinner and lots of laughs. We headed back to the hotel to sleep.

Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving!

Again, awake at a decent time and I considered a run but my body was starting to feel out of whack after two nights on the mattress. Needless to say, I was not sleeping much. We dressed and went to Big Boy, a Michigan visit must for breakfast before heading over to my Aunt and Uncles. It was snowing when we woke up and dad had to use a glove to wipe the snow off. His poor car has never seen snow and salt. Dad promised him (the car) a nice hot bath when they got back to TX.

We arrived about an hour before the Detroit game… not only a Thanksgiving tradition but a must in the household. The rest of the extended family arrived and after a few “I don’t know you’s” (Directed at me… I don’t see the extended family often) everyone was caught up to speed. We spent most of the day in the kitchen watching the chefs (yes, plural) cook and chatted. The dinner was delicious and some funny stories about my family were told… One of my favorites… when my father coerced his (younger) sister to stick her tongue to a metal poll in the dead of winter (think Christmas Story here folks). Found out that my Grandmother called my aunt and idiot for listening to her older brother and dad didn’t get in trouble. My aunt claimed that she thought her darling older wouldn’t do her any harm but my father exclaimed that he got it from his two older brothers and “$hit runs downhill” – The stories I have heard over the years about the stupid stuff the three boys did… Lets just say you laugh so hard you cry.

Friday – Last Day in Michigan

After another dreadful night of sleep my body was even more out of whack… so there was no run. We grabbed breakfast then headed over to my Aunts. Then the ladies piled into the car in search of Christmas ornaments. After, we watched my uncle make more goat cheese with some input from my parents on which type to make. We then went out to dinner where I had probably the best Mac & Cheese ever. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the hotel to pack. We would be getting up early for the trek back.

Saturday – Chicago Bound

Up at 6 am and after quickly getting ready and some breakfast at the hotel, we were on the road back to Chicago. Made good time and after lunch, Mom and Dad dropped me off at home before they continued on their way to St. Louis for an overnight stop. I immediately fell asleep on my couch. I was insanely tired and my body just hurt. Woke up a solid two hours later and got ready to meet up with some friends for a low-key girls night out dinner. Notice that I did not run.

Sunday – Yep, No Run

The body was still very out of whack and I was still very tired. There was no running… As much as I felt guilty about this whole self-imposed holiday challenge… I knew I needed the rest… so thinking about how I will adjust for the missed days…


Obviously, there was no training. But it was also a week to spend time with family so I am not too concerned. I know that I will get back on track this week.

Hope you all have a great week!


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