Holiday Challenge

There has been a challenge floating around the running community lately. It’s fairly simple. Run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Years.

When I first learned of the challenge, I immediately thought “Nah… not for me” but now I cannot get the idea out of my head… and that’s usually not the best sign when it comes to me and running…

I am VERY tempted to take on the challenge. But I do see a handful of small road blocks.

There is one day that I know for sure I will not be able to run… when I travel back to Texas. As you may or may not know, I am at work between 6 and 6:30 in the morning which is why I do not run in the morning. I am already getting up at 4:30 just to get to work on time. So running in the morning just won’t happen. And the day I travel back to TX for the Christmas holiday, I will go straight from work to the airport. I will land close to 9 pm… so by the time I actually get to my parents it is likely to be closer to 10… and I just don’t see a run happening at that point. It will have been a VERY long and tiring day and… yea… just not gonna happen.

I am also not sure about running on Christmas day… I think I MIGHT be able to make it work but probably not without effecting my parents (as in asking that breakfast be delayed for 15 minutes while I change and head out for a quick run) and/or eating and then running right away… so let’s consider that day a no as well.

And as for starting the challenge on Thanksgiving… it’s iffy. I am traveling to MI with my parents to see my dad’s side of the family. It looks like the hotel has a fitness center so I could get in a mile on the treadmill probably without too much difficulty… but there is a timing issue here as well. It will all depend on when we leave for the day to go to my Aunt’s and that whole three people needing to use one bathroom to get ready in the morning thing… I am planning to bring my running stuff with me but I am not counting on being able to run while I am in MI.

Because of these small issues… I am thinking about taking on the challenge with a small twist. I am considering tacking on the 1 mile from a missed day to my run on a different day to make up for it. And yes, I totally understand that is not taking on the challenge but work with me here.

Not really knowing what I will or won’t be able to do while in Michigan next week leaves next week kind of up in the air. But I am thinking that I will just run two miles (at least) on Saturday and Sunday… then move to the daily thing through most of December. That travel day’s mile will be added to my run the following day while I am in TX. And as for Christmas… yea… will probably add that mile to the run on the day before…

Sure, it’s not the true challenge… but isn’t the point of the challenge to commit to running through the holidays?

And if, in fact, that is the true point of the challenge, then I am still successful…

I haven’t completely decided yet but the past has taught me that once I get a running idea in my head it really doesn’t go away until I do it…


7 thoughts on “Holiday Challenge

  1. Jennifer, You can totally do this.Even if you can’t run everyday, the fact you have a goal to get out and do mileage to the New Year is incredible. I hope you go for it, I will be here cheering you on the whole time. :)) I just noticed you are doing the Polar Dash. I am doing the 14 miler. I hope we can meet up this time before or after to say HI.

    • Thanks! I am pretty sure I will do it… Like I said… once the idea is there its hard for me to shake it.

      We should definitely try to meet up! How about I email you when we get closer to the race and we can arrange a meet-up spot for before or after the race?

  2. I read this on the train this morn and wanted to come back. I know the challenge(s) of which you are speaking and I don’t necessarily think that it’s the perfect solution for everyone. Granted, one mile per day may not be too taxing but I’m a firm believe that some days need to be TOTAL rest days. Go for it though and adjust so that it fits into YOUR life. It will most definitely keep you motivated during the holiday and I think that’s the real idea behind it. Good luck!!

    • Thanks! And I completely agree with you that the body does need rest. In looking at my schedule, it does appear that there might be a few other days where a run just won’t happen. But I also tend to slack a LOT during the holidays so this will hopefully keep me from slacking this year.

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