Training: November 11th – 17th

Nov 11-17

Monday – 1.00 Mile / Lower Body Strength Training / Stair Stepper Intervals

With the weather on Monday, there was no way I was going to run outside… or even do a run to/from the gym. Incredibly wet snow and wind… yea… no thank you. I walked to the gym and intended to do 1.50 to 2.00 miles on the treadmill but realized once I got to the gym that I forgot my water bottle… whoops. I decided to just see how it went. I was very thirsty after a mile (it is insanely dry in my gym) and with the crowds, I knew going to get sip of water would mean losing my treadmill… and I was correct. So I just moved on to the strength training portion. Did lower body stuff and then did some short intervals on the Stair Stepper to make up for the lack of running.

Tuesday – 1.64 Total Miles and Upper Body Strength Training

Despite it being insanely cold and a tad on the windy side, I opted to do my run to/from the gym thing… Obviously I am going to have to get used to winter running again… especially since I have two December races, two January races and a February race. I am definitely noticing that my run home is slower than my run there due to fatigue… it would be awesome to get better on that run home… Eventually. I also did some upper body strength training at the gym. Once I get my body re-adjusted to running AND strength training, I would like to add some other exercises to each day (upper or lower) and then work on increasing weight.

Wednesday – 1.67 Total Miles and Lower Body Strength Training

Another run to/from the gym day. I am liking these workouts. Its a good way to get in everything I want to get in. I considered adding a short run once I got to the gym as well… but then figured that I should probably start that on the upper body days to get used to them that way before adding them on the lower body days. My overall goal is to eventually add in running once I get to the gym as well to up that mileage a bit but I also know that I am not really in the shape I used to be in.

Thursday – Rest

I had fully intended to do another run to/from the gym and some strength training but I just wasn’t feeling it when I got home. My Achilles tendonitis flared a bit and I thought a rest day would be more beneficial than trying to push it. Instead I gave myself a manicure and read a book and ended the evening with my two favorite TV shows.

Friday – 4.07 Miles

Knowing that I have a 10K and an 8K coming up in December I thought it might be smart to try to get in a longer run. As soon as I started to run, I realized that perhaps 4 miles would be a bit lofty considering the distance of most of runs recently. Plus it was one of those day where it didn’t matter which direction you were running… it was into the wind. And it was definitely windy and there were some pretty crazy gusts as well. I somehow managed to tough it out but I really wasn’t feeling the run the entire time…. Maybe it was the wind or maybe it was just one of those bad running days. I wasn’t thrilled with my time or pace once I had finished the run but I also know that I am not running any races for time until (possibly) April at the earliest… so I have plenty of time to get my pace back on track. I also decided while on this run, that I really just need to focus on getting a strong base going. So it looks like the longer distance runs will take a back seat for a while… Not sure for how long yet.

Saturday – Rest

I knew I had some things I had to get done before it started to rain and that was the goal of the day. I was successful in that venture. I had been going back and forth while running my errands about whether or not I would go to the gym once I was done with the errands… but I also really did not want to get stuck in any downpours. Plus, despite drinking as much water as possible while running my errands, I was feeling pretty dehydrated. I opted to stay in and not mess with the weather so there was no gym. Earlier in the week I really wanted to get in 5 running days but I had hit the main goal of 4 and since it had been a LONG time since that happened, I was content.

Sunday – Rest

Yea, there was no way in hell I was messing with the weather. Knowing that it was already insanely windy and that some very severe storms were heading into the area. I woke up knowing that I was in for the day. But, I was really productive. I got the rest of my Christmas stuff out of my storage space and got two of my three (yes, you read that correctly) up. Now all I have left to do is put up my big Christmas tree and I will be fully decorated for the season. The plan is to work on that over the course of the week before my parents get into town so we can decorate together. I need to actually put the tree up and then work on getting my 600 lights on my 6 foot tree (and yes, you read that correctly as well).

This week I really want to try to get in 5 runs since I am not likely to run at all next. I will be out of town for most of the week and my parents get here on Sunday (YAY!).

Hope everyone has a great week!


2 thoughts on “Training: November 11th – 17th

    • Yea – I just did not want to mess with the weather at all… Including that wind.

      Haha – Yea… I start early because it takes me a while to get them all up (i have a LOT)

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