Gym Rats – We Need to Chat

You all may recall my rant about Biker’s on the Lakefront path… Well… I have a few bones to pick with some people at the gym as well…

A gallon of cologne will not hide the fact that you failed to put on deodorant…
I am sure I am not the only person who has noticed this (at least I hope not). This seems to be a frequent occurrence. And really, why are you putting on cologne before working out anyway? This is for the ladies as well as the men… I have been in the women’s locker room and seen women put on a ton of perfume and then head up to the workout area. I just don’t get it. Plus, who really wants such an overwhelming whiff of perfume or cologne anyway? 

Ok, I totally get that you want to listen to music while working out and that your phone has all your music on it… Fine… I have no issue with that. But what I DO have an issue with are the ones that check into FB after every set. Or those that sit on the machine texting away. And don’t even get me started on the ones that will sit on a machine and have a conversation on their cell phone… and they just SIT THERE. Trust me, you are not SO important that if you ignore your phone or FB for an hour the world will end. And you are probably going to have a better workout too…

And the Chit-chatting…
Look, I know you are working out with your friends and/or you see friends at the gym but don’t just sit at the machine and monopolize it while you carry on a conversation. There are plenty of other people who would like to use that machine… and can probably be done with all of their sets before you finish the conversation.

Allow others to “work-in”
Yes, you got the machine first. But now you have been on the machine for quite a while (probably on your phone). Don’t say no when someone asks to work-in… especially if you take a long time between sets. The person will do their set and then let you use the machine. It really is NOT difficult to re-set the weight to where you want it. If you have just one set left then fine… no need to work-in… but if you have more than that… share.

Slamming weights down
I fully understand that your muscles are tired after you complete a set. And I fully understand that it is heavy but its really not necessary to slam the weights down at the end of a set. And those that slam weights on the machines after every rep… guess what… it means you are trying to lift too much and you should take the weight down. If the weight you are lifting is moving you then it is too much… and you are likely to injure yourself.

Spitting in the water fountains
It’s just gross… Stop It

It’s called an Ab crunch…
Not a neck crunch… Seriously… you think just because your neck is moving that you are working your abs… I see SOOO many people doing this and I just can’t figure out how they think they are working their abs… the shoulder blades aren’t even off the ground. You are going to hurt your neck






6 thoughts on “Gym Rats – We Need to Chat

    • I just don’t have the option to go to the gym in the morning… I get to work too early. I usually beat the after work crowd though. Some of these issues are going to be there regardless of the time though…

      I was VERY amused to see a sign in the women’s locker room banning cell phones in there but not on the gym floor… Can’t figure that one out…

  1. How about the people on the stair climber that lean over and rest their head, arms and upper body down on the control panel, thus taking all the weight off of their legs. Then they stay resting on the machine moving their legs up and down for 45 minutes. Why not just stair climb for 10 minutes hands-free standing straight up and get a 10x better workout? Oh yeah, that would require effort

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