Throwback Wednesday – Torchlight 5K 2012

Eric discovered this race and suggested we sign up… so we did. It was an evening race down at Monroe Harbor… something a little different. Definitely a different course as well. But it wasn’t officially timed.

Another friend, Rhoda, also joined us for the race. We did race day packet pickup and got there early and got our packets. Pretty easy. Then we took some pre-race pictures.

1 Torchlight 5K 6-21-12
This is what happens when I tell them to pretend they like each other

2 Torchlight 5K 6-21-12
But eventually they listen

3 Torchlight 5K 6-21-12

4 Torchlight 5K 6-21-12

We lined up in the grass for a start line that was also on the grass… a little odd. The race started us off going downhill and then we hit the pavement. Eric and Rhoda took off… They wanted to race…

Chris and I hung back and stuck together for the race. It was a pretty decent course… at least it wasn’t almost identical to all the other races down in the area. All in all, it was a pretty good night for a race.

I was still trying to get back into running form after the car accident so I was struggling to keep up with Chris… all the while he joked that it was difficult for him to go that slow… grrrrr… smart ass.

The course went south along the harbor then we headed west up some hills and over, down, around, and back up a bridge. Never done that before. Then we headed back east to run along the harbor and back to the finish line.

It was not an officially timed race so my watch was the official time. After crossing the finish line, I saw 33:28

I am starting to get used to 5K times above 33:00…

The boys and Rhoda wanted beer so we hung out for a bit while they enjoyed the beer. Then we decided we all wanted food. We made our way back to LP to grab some food and chat for a bit longer before parting ways.

It was a decent race… but not one that I would do again simply because it wasn’t officially timed.

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