Training: November 4th – 10th

Nov 4-10

Monday – 1.64 Miles

I decided to do something that I used to do more regularly but had not done in quite a while… I ran to the gym, did some strength training and then ran home. I forgot how brutal the run home is when you do strength training for the lower body… yowza! It was .85 miles to the gym and .79 home from the gym… don’t ask me how running the same route is different mileage. I felt pretty good after this workout despite the low mileage for the day… baby steps…

Tuesday – 1.77 Miles

Another repeat of Monday but with upper body strength training. Still no idea how the mileage to/from the gym is so different even though I have taken the same route each time. It was .94 miles to the gym and .83 home from the gym. Yea… No idea.

Wednesday – Rest

I could have worked out and I did consider doing another run to/from the gym with some more strength training but I also though back to the days leading up to SF10 and I didn’t run three days before that race either… so I went with a whole “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” theory…

Thursday – Rest

Yep – Another rest day. The weather was much better and I was kind of itching to get out there. Instead I went to Target to pick up some things and then spent a majority of the evening on my couch watching TV.

Friday – Rest

I may not have run or gone to the gym but I certainly was VERY productive after work. Got the race packets for myself and Courtney, ran some errands and grabbed pizza for dinner with friends. Still managed to get to bed at my normal time too. Pretty successful day if you ask me.

Saturday – Navy Pier Perfect 10 Race

Race day – It was a beautiful day… although far more windy than I would have liked. You can read my full re-cap here. After I got home and took a two hour nap I did absolutely nothing except watch Downton Abbey episodes. I was hurting quite a bit and had a massive headache so I was perfectly content on my couch.

Sunday – Rest

I was very surprised when I woke up and didn’t hurt as much as I thought I would… in fact… I felt downright awesome. I decided it was time to pull out my Christmas stuff from my storage unit and begin the long process of putting my Christmas stuff up… This tends to take me several weeks. Plus I really should check all my lights to see how many need to be replaced. Looks like I only have to replace two strands so far this year… I got some of things up but the trees (yes – plural) are a whole different matter and will take far longer…

All in all I am happy with the week. Could I have done more… probably. Would it have made the race any easier… I don’t think so. Going to keep up my run to/from the gym for most of this week and then at I might try to get in a slightly longer run of around 4 miles at some point as well. I have a solid month before my next two races… which are back to back… a 10K and then an 8K. So distance wise I am not worried. I also don’t think I want to run them for time… more just have fun and if I am slow then so be it… Will think about that more closer to the race date though.

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