Ummm… I Have to Run 10 Miles Tomorrow

I’m certainly no stranger to racing when I haven’t trained properly for it. There have been some 5Ks and 10Ks that I have done that I didn’t feel like I truly trained for, but, it is a manageable distance.

But… 10 Miler… or a Half… That’s something else entirely

Yet, I have actually completed a half marathon with essentially no training for it… in fact the month prior to the race I ran an impressive (note sarcasm) 16 miles. So 13 should have been easy right?

Haha – Yea… not so much… I finished but it hurt

I have also done a 10 miler without too much training… The race did not go well because I foolish took Gatorade at the first water station which caused my stomach to cramp. That was also a rather painful experience… for more reasons than one

Then in May, I decided to do the Soldier Field 10 (Miler) and signed up 2 days before the race. The Sunday before, I had a horrendous 10K experience… so surely 10 miles would go better than a 10K

Gotta love my logic

10 mile runs and/or races seem to be my running ego boost though… I have used this distance to gain something back that I had lost twice.

But, I didn’t sign up for Navy Pier for a last minute ego boost. I signed up with the full intention of training for the race and going out for a time goal. But then October and running didn’t really seem to go hand in hand…

Needless to say – I am not trained for this race. I have not done a long run since September 30th and have only done a handful of runs with a distance of roughly 3 miles. My 10K race in October… that didn’t go so well due to lack of water on the course and so I walked a good majority of that race… so I am not counting that towards my “training” for this race

I have known for a few weeks now that I needed to get my training back on track to tackle this race but I also just couldn’t get there. Perhaps the knowledge that I will be able to finish despite lack of training aided in the inability to get my training up to snuff… Who knows

What I do know is that I WILL finish and it WILL hurt.

Part of me still wants to go after that time goal (which I am not going to share until I do my recap) but I also logically know its not likely to happen. But I have been known to surprise myself before… Hell, I have three PRs this year that I really did NOT plan on getting… races where things just magically fell into place for me on race day.

Do I expect that tomorrow? No. Am I secretly hoping for it? Yes.

Mentally I am prepared for the breakdown – the point in the race where I have to give up the ever so slight hope for a certain time and complete my race in run/walk increments… of which I will decide while on the course. I am also very much prepared mentally for that whole it’s going to hurt thing. I know I am not trained for it and I know it will hurt… this is not my first rodeo folks.

Is it smart to even to do this race… well… that’s highly debatable… I know it’s not the smartest move but I also know it’s not the stupidest thing I have ever done either… and it’s still a 5K shorter than another not so smart decision I have made before. So I could say I am getting smarter about my not so smart decisions :-p

The race will go the way it goes – I am sort of leaving it up the running gods at this point

But – I WILL finish and I WILL hurt – Those are two certainties that I am taking into the race




2 thoughts on “Ummm… I Have to Run 10 Miles Tomorrow

  1. Have you considered going at a slower than normal pace and then just kick it for the last mile or so to try to minimize the hurt factor? Try to maximize the fun factor at least and have some good blog content 🙂

    • OH trust me – I will be running at a slower pace but it will still hurt a LOT. I am just not physically there for 10 miles. So no matter the pace… it will hurt.

      Totally plan to have fun though!

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