A Little Something Different

In an effort to try to get my training back on track this week, I started to do something that I have done before but it’s been a LONG time.

Run to the gym – Strength Train – Run home

This is something I started to do a long time ago in an effort to avoid the icky weather but still get in the mileage I wanted. I always prefer to run outside but sometimes it is just not an option. I can force myself onto the treadmill but loathe doing more than a mile… I can force myself to suck it up and do two miles… but I really hate every last second. The indoor track at my gym is much better than the treadmill but still not the biggest fan…

But if I run to the gym, then do a short run on the track/treadmill and run home… I am breaking up the monotony a bit and getting in the desired miles for the day.

At least that is the initial brilliance behind this idea. This is something I started in 2011. At the time, the other reason behind idea was to sort of simulate running after your glycogen stores are depleted…. so how you might feel towards the end of a longer distance race. Back in 2011, I was supposed to run the marathon so I thought this was a great way to get my body used to that feeling and back then, I was going to do make the run home much longer… Well, we all know what happened with that. But I still like the general idea behind this.

It’s no secret that my training has not been stellar lately. But I also know that I need to try to get back on track. So I am shifting my focus to just running 4 days a week (although the plan is only 3 for this week because of my race on Saturday).  But I also want to feel like I am getting a good workout in. So I decided to start back up with my run to the gym and then run home thing. Plus the weather REALLY sucked this week… I can deal with icky weather in small increments but the idea of getting out there for just a regular run just wasn’t appealing this week.

So Monday and Tuesday I ran to the gym, did my strength training and then ran home. My gym is just under a mile from my home… give or take a bit depending on which course I take to get there. I know how I can add enough onto the run to make it a mile there and back but baby steps for now.

The run there is a fairly easy and uneventful. The run home is a different story. Especially if I did strength training for the lower body. The run home is a lot slower and does feel more difficult. But I know it is good for me.

While I focus on trying to get back on track and in an effort to get more strength training work done, I am going to continue with this for quite a while. Eventually I will also add in a short run on the track/treadmill as well to up the mileage but for now I feel good about this.

My hope is to still do at least one longer run a week outside… But that means the weather needs to cooperate…

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