Training: October 28th – November 3rd

Oct 28 - Nov 3

Monday – 2.42 Miles

Knowing that my little training plan was done for, I opted instead to just go out for a run and when I felt like stopping, I would. Probably not the best plan but running has not gone too well for me lately. After the run, I did a few leg strength training exercises.

Tuesday – Rest

Weather wise – it would have been a perfect day for a run. But I had already made plans to have dinner with a friend and there was no time for a run before.

Wednesday & Thursday – Rest

The weather was just awful. I hoped to get in a run before the rain started on Wednesday but when I got off the bus it was starting to rain… so that wasn’t going to happen. I could have gone to the gym but I didn’t have the heart for the indoor track or treadmill. Thursday it just poured the whole day and I didn’t feel like hiking it to the gym in the rain.

Friday – 1.13 Miles

I wanted to run outside but the wind was brutal so I decided to go to the gym instead. I kept it short while on the track but the run itself felt pretty good. I wanted to lift as well so I did full body. I also decided to do the lifting slow… so like three counts up and three counts down (so-to-speak). Seems to have been pretty effective since I am still sore from it.

Saturday – Rest

I woke up feeling lazy and the weather was perfect for the whole lounge around on the couch and read thing… or watch Downtown Abbey episodes. I went to the grocery store and vacuumed. My Bathroom also got a good scrubbing. I briefly considered doing laundry but Downton Abbey was so much more appealing.

Sunday – Rest

Yea – Not going to lie… I really just wanted to be lazy all day. I thought about going for a run but falling asleep while watching TV and waking up as it was already getting dark out (stupid daylights savings time…) ruined that plan. Whoops! But since I was content to be lazy all day, I wasn’t too heartbroken

Not an impressive week at all. I still think I am perhaps a tad burned out on the whole running thing and the weather lately hasn’t been helping much either. Needless to say, the 10 mile race on Saturday is likely to hurt…


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