Throwback Wednesday – United Run for the Zoo 10K 2012

It was my third year in a row running this race but after the car accident, I was so unbelievably unprepared. I knew it was not going to be pretty… But hey part of the 2012 plan was to sign up for races that I could more easily fudge if training got messed up…

So fudge it I did…

My dad was in town for our annual baseball game. I have taken to making sure our annual baseball game also surrounds a race. I like being able to race when my parents are in town… unfortunately, this sort of backfired on me this year…

Race morning came and Chris and Eric stopped by my place. Since I lived across the street from the start line, it made sense to use my place as gear check. It was a very sunny and warm morning. In fact… it was far warmer than a typical June and most definitely warmer than I like for a race. But regardless, I was doing this race.

Before the Race 6-3-12

I didn’t go into the race with any type of plan. I knew any plan other than finish would be pointless. I hadn’t really done a run over 2.50 miles in about 6 weeks… Nothing better than jumping straight into a 10K…

Now, I know I have talked multiple times about how this is my favorite 10K… and it is… but this year, the course was changed due to the Fullerton construction. In fact, I remember when I found out about the construction and saw all the closures and the time frame for the project that I was instantly angry because it would screw up my favorite 10K… Priorities

I HATED the new course (luckily they reverted back to the old course)… It was horrible… instead of weaving around the zoo first it became the end of the course… therefore making the end of the course more sun exposed than normal. I already a lot working against me… this was NOT going to help.

Despite mile markers along the course, I just felt off the entire time since I was used to the old course… Plus the 5K walkers and strollers ended up being in the way and it was almost impossible to weave around them. I understand wanting races to be family friendly but I really dislike strollers on a course (but that is an entirely different rant).

After the race, I couldn’t find my dad… he was nowhere near the finish line where I told him to meet us… And he had my cell phone and hell if I had HIS cell phone memorized so I was slightly panicked trying to find people… Note to self… do not give father cell phone :-p I also had trouble finding Eric and Chris. I knew they would have been finished already but had no idea where they were…

Finally found everyone and we all took a look at our times… mine was definitely bad and I wasn’t happy about it… But hey… all things considered it could have been worse. We then all went to eat.

Official Time: 1:13:26 Pace 11:51

Run for the Zoo Results 6-3-12


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