Josh Groban Concert

For years… and I am talking over 10 years… Josh Groban has been my absolute favorite artist. In general, my music preferences are not always mainstream. As someone who has always enjoyed singing and was in Choir in HS, my music preferences have always leaned towards great vocals.

For those not familiar, Josh Groban is more classically trained and could probably give an opera singer a run for their money. He has a rich baritone voice (although can definitely hit higher notes) and a majority of his songs are more lyrical than upbeat and peppy. I am in love with his voice and listening to him sing always puts me in a good mood and I never tire of his music. Its probably number one of a short list of “go to” music when I just need a little mood lift or just feel like listening to music.

My senior year of High School the Varsity Winterguard (which I was part of) choose his song “You’re Still You” as our show. Not only did we get bumped up a class at our first contest but we ended up winning state which capped off which was probably a perfect senior of HS. As such, that song will always have a special place in my heart.

Not only is his vocal range incredible, but so are his language skills. He sings in English, Italian and Spanish and has a handful of songs in French and one song in Portuguese (which is an incredible song).

Despite the fact that I love his music and have bought every single one of his albums as soon as it has come out, I had never seen him perform live. When his tour dates where announced for his “In the Round” tour, I was thrilled to see a Chicago date. After some chatting with my mom, we decided to go together.

A bonus that came with each ticket was being able to select one of his albums and have it mailed to you. I already own all of his albums so my album went to my mom,… now she has all of them as well.

The concert was being held at the United Center and though I have been there twice, I have never gone there by taking public transit. Luckily it was a very easy trip and the hardest part was waiting for the bus to the United Center. We had planned to arrive early and after finding our seats which were pretty good, we went and got food… a dinner of Nachos and Pretzels…

The opening act was Judith Hill, whom I had never heard before but was instantly impressed with her vocals. She played for about 30 minutes before the intermission to re-set the stage a bit.

10 JG Concert 10-20-13
Mommy and Me!

Soon some of the orchestra (not a huge one) came to the stage and took their seats. After the lights dimmed, a violinist, trumpet player and guitar player popped up in the audience and started playing. The stage lit up and it was show time!

14 JG Concert 10-20-13

He started off with the first single from his newest album, “Brave” which is definitely up there on my list of favorites.

15 JG Concert 10-20-13

17 JG Concert 10-20-13

The title of the tour is “In the Round” and that matched the shape of the stage so he did walk around quite a bit. In between songs he would tell short stories and OH MY GOSH – He is hilarious! I had no idea he was so funny! And he also does a number of spot on impersonations.

He sang a few of my favorite songs too – “To Where You Are” / “Alla Luce Dal Sole” / “You Raise Me Up”

  “February Song”

24 JG Concert 10-20-13
Where he played the piano as well

When he played “Voce Existe Em Mim” (His one Portuguese song) I learned that he also plays the drums… which I definitely did not know before… although it would make sense that he would play many different instruments.

There were also a few duets with Judith Hill as well. I found it very cool that he did a couple of duets with her. Especially since one of the songs that sort of kick-started his career is a duet, “The Prayer”

54 JG Concert 10-20-13

He performed for about two hours total. The concert did not disappoint at all. It was incredible to FINALLY see him live and to hear some of the stories behind his music. I was bummed that it had to end.

We left and caught the bus to head back downtown and then bus back to my condo. It was really such an awesome show and I am so glad I got to go.

Yesterday when I got home, I was surprised to see that I had a package…

55 JG Concert 10-20-13

I had received an email that we would receive something else after the concert and I expected it to be someone small like a photograph or a poster or something like that… so imagine my surprise to receive a Bag, Hat and little badge thingy. One for me and for mom (which she will get at Thanksgiving)

Now I am anxiously awaiting another tour announcement…




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