Training: October 14th – 20th

Oct 14-20

Monday – 4.04 Miles

Finally feeling better after the cold, I headed out for an intended 6 miler… Clearly, it did not go well. A little over two miles I started to feel lightheaded and luckily I was near a water fountain. So I stopped and had a few sips of water while I allowed my breathing to slow. I wasn’t feeling right and I debated continuing on north or turning around to head towards home knowing that I could add some loops to get to 6 miles if I felt better. About a mile later I was insanely lightheaded again… but this time I was worried that I might actually pass out along the path. So I stopped and caught my breath and debated. I was about half a mile away from a water fountain and maybe one a half miles from home. I ran to the water fountain and took a few sips. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to 6 miles. But I was only about half a mile away from 4 miles and I still had about a mile to get home too. So I decided that I would run until I hit 4 miles and if I felt ok then I would run the rest of the way home… Clearly the latter did not happen so I walked the last half mileish home.

Tuesday – Rest & Lunges

The weather was all icky and I didn’t feel like heading to the gym. However, I decided to start trying to do lunges in the morning and see how it goes… overall toying with the idea of doing lunges daily… not a huge amount but still undecided if I am going to go with the idea or not.

Wednesday – 3.01 Miles Plus Lunges & Plie’s

Headed out for an intended 3 miles and I just felt horrible the entire time. I had decided to add more protein and cut out some carbs from my diet… clearly this idea did not go well. I just felt weak and had no energy and the blood sugar tanked way too quickly. Ok got it – carbs needed. Did my lunges in the morning along with some plie’s (AKA sumo squats) as well.

Thursday – Rest (Mommy in town!) – Lunges & Plie’s

I knew I wasn’t going to run on Thursday so I sort of planned that ahead of time. But I still did some lunges and plie’s in the morning before I left for work. Mom got into town so when I got home from work, we went for a walk and then had dinner and watched TV.

Friday – Rest

Yea… so I was originally telling myself that I would run in the afternoon. But that clearly didn’t happen. After a morning of breakfast, some shopping and hair cut (for me) we ended up both taking naps while watching TV. We were both starving at 5 so hopped on the bus to head to Calo’s where we ate a ton of yummy (as always) food.

Saturday – Rest

I started this thing this year where I don’t run the day before a race. I used to do it all the time but just stopped this year. Partially think it is because I like the idea of having fresh legs for the race…. not entirely sure how accurate that is but it is what it is this year. Mom and I spent the day down on Michigan Ave spending money and therefore lugging bags around. And I got new Coffee Mugs. FINALLY!!!! PS – Thank you Mike for the housewarming gift (and it only took me a year to spend the gift card…) I also got arm warmers and replaced the pair of running gloves that I lost earlier this year (still sad because they were my favorite pair). After several hours of shopping we went home and took naps and then ordered a pizza. Shopping counts as a workout right?

Sunday – Monster Dash 10K Race

You can read a more detailed re-cap here. But overall this race just did NOT go well. I later checked the website and discovered that the 10K race was supposed to have 4 water/aid stations… there were TWO and they were maybe a mile apart… so rather unhelpful especially since the first water station was well after the 5K mark. Post race, we all grabbed brunch then mom and I headed home where I took a nap. We then went to the Josh Groban Concert that night (I will post about that probably tomorrow).

Really not a good week of training… and really… I haven’t have a good run since before getting sick. Not only am I worried about my goal for Pumpkins on Saturday but I am also very worried about the 10 miler that is fast approaching…


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