Training: September 16th – 22nd

Sept 16-22

Monday – Mad Dash to Madison 5K Race

This was the week of racing and I started it off with the Mad Dash to Madison 5K. You can read a full re-cap here. It was a race I had wanted to do for a few years and was glad I finally got the chance this year. It was a perfect evening for a race and we finished it off by watching part of the Blackhawks Scrimmage. Pretty awesome Monday night if you ask me.

Tuesday – 2.10 Miles

Since I was doing 3 races in one week, I only need one extra run to hit my goal of running 4 days a week. I struggled with weather or not to do 3 miles or 2 but I ended up with only two miles. Rather uneventful run but it was still a pretty nice evening out.

Wednesday – Rest

My initial plan was to head out for another two miler or maybe do some speedwork but it was starting to rain as I was getting home and the forecast called for severe thunderstorms. So instead I sat on my couch and ate ice cream

Thursday – Oktoberfest 5K Race

My second race for the week and boy was it a hot and steamy once. This was also the first race that the Wurst Running Club Ever (WRCE) did. For the full re-cap you can go here. It was a fun evening and I enjoyed the race despite the heat and humidity.

Friday – Rest

Friday was always going to be a rest day since I have my third race the following morning. Since I had done packet pick-up early a couple weeks before, I spent the evening on my couch eating pizza and watching TV. I was tired so I was in bed by 8:30… Oh yea… it was a wild Friday night.

Saturday – Chicago Women Rock 10K Race

This was my third and final race for the week. Luckily the heat broke and it was a beautiful morning. You can read the re-cap here. After the race, I went home, showered, dried my hair and then head to a bar in Wrigleyville to meet my friends for food before the game. HOLY MOLY was I hungry as I ordered WAY too much food. Once we were done eating, we headed into the ballpark. It was a quick and pretty uneventful game until the Braves scored in late innings. I left right before the Cubs staged a comeback and subsequently won the game (ooops). I then headed over to my friends going away party. I was beyond exhausted from my long day of running around. I got home around 8:30 and promptly went to bed.

Sunday – Rest

After my insanely busy Saturday, I knew I was going to be spending the day on Sunday on my couch watching TV. I watched the Yankee Ceremony honoring Mo and after that I got hooked on the TV Show Devious Maids on Lifetime and spent the rest of my day watching that.

It was definitely a very busy week and 3 races in one week may not have been the best idea. I was able to handle the distance but racing just sort of takes it out me… I think its the adrenaline.

This week I officially start my training for the Navy Pier Perfect 10 (miler) race. I am oddly nervous despite the fact that I survived the Soldier Field 10 mile race after my longest run to date having been 6 miles. It has been YEARS since I have done a training run that is over 6.50 miles. First Longish run is 7 Miles… hopefully it goes well


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