Race Recap: Chicago Women Rock

1 Women Rock 9-21-13

Saturday was my third race for the week. I found this race early in the year and since I didn’t have any September races, at the time, I thought I would sign up. I liked the fact that this race had Champagne after instead of Beer… I am not a beer fan.

I was able to pick up my race stuff early at the expo for the Chicago Half and Hyundai Hope on Wheels 5K which was awesome.

Saturday Morning I was up early and met my friend Rebecca to head to the race. True to form (my form), we had more than enough time to get to the race and spent a lot of time standing around near the gear check tent people watching and chit chatting. With 15 minutes to spare, Maureen, her sister Bridget, and their roommate Katy met up with us. After a quick picture and gear check, we headed over to the start line.

We didn’t wait for long for the race to start but I stupidly didn’t turn my watch on until maybe 30 seconds before the race started… ooops… it sync’d a couple minutes after I crossed the start so my miles were off for the race. Not that big of a deal.

The beginning of the race was very crowded but I wasn’t planning to run for time so I didn’t mind as much. Although, why people who are walking less than half a mile from the start don’t go to the end of the pack will continue to baffle me….

While running, I started to be concerned that the course might be confusing since there was a half marathon, 10K and 5K. But the course was VERY well marked with lots of signs when coming up to a turn and lots of course marshals as well. I was feeling decent but a week of racing was starting to catch up with me and I knew I had a ton to do after the race so I wanted to take it easy.

During the 4th mile, my hip was bothering me a bit… Not sure what was going on there but I walked a good portion of the 4th mile and then the pain went away completely. The hills towards the end of the course also were taking its toll on me so I walked up most of them.

The run was pretty uneventful. Since this is an all women’s race, there was a ton of support by all of the runners on the course. Lots of cheering for people which is always good to see.

Rebecca caught up to me at the end of the race so we stuck together until the last turn to the finish line and then I took off. I had a decent kick at the end but not my normal kick. Oh well – I wasn’t running for a PR.

This race didn’t have your typical medal if you were doing the 10K or the Half – Instead we got a necklace which I like – Something different.

6 Women Rock 9-21-13

We all got our gear and then headed over to get our champagne – We toasted to ourselves – We also got to keep the glass

9 Women Rock 9-21-13

Then we got in line to take a post race picture – One of the men of the “Men of Women Rock” was there to take pictures with everyone so we had him pick up Bridget. From left to right – Me, Maureen, Bridget being held, Rebecca, Katy

12 Women Rock 9-21-13

We didn’t stick around for too long after that. After all, I had to get to Wrigleyville to meet my friends for food before the cubs game.

By the time I got home, I had gotten en email from the race with a link to my personal results page which I thought was pretty cool and very handy. The page is also pretty details and even has graphic results. My official time 1:09:46 for a pace of 11:14

Women Rock Results

I am actually pretty happy with my results. The weather was cooler but full sun exposure definitely made it a bit warmer and I think I was just worn out from the week of racing. I mentally set a goal of 1:10ish so very happy that I beat that. The main goal was to have fun and that was very much accomplished.

I would definitely consider doing this race again… Just not sure about races for next year yet. I love the Jacket that we got and it was awesome to be able to participate in the post race drinking for the first time ever (again – I do not like beer) and I really like the necklace


3 thoughts on “Race Recap: Chicago Women Rock

  1. Super crowded but I think we knew what to expect before we showed up, right? LOL! And I had people walking in front of me (half) before we hit the first turn on the sidewalk. What? LOL! Oh well, I was running for fun so it didn’t even matter.

    • Yea – this wasn’t a goal race for me so I wasn’t concerned about my time. But yea – totally agree… WHY do you go towards the front if you are planning to walk that early in a race?

      Granted I understand if something suddenly goes wrong… I think there was one race where I had a huge cramp around half a mile in and needed to walk to get rid of it then was good… but I didn’t originally plan to walk that early in the race.

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