Race Recap: Oktoberfest 5K

1 Oktoberfest 9-19-13

Last night was race two of three for the week – the Oktoberfest 5K.

I ran this race last year but wasn’t too crazy about the course (which had us running across a baseball field). Luckily they changed the course this year.

Its a neighborhood race and I always love the races that are close to home. I headed over to packet pickup on Sunday only to find out that the shirts had not been delivered yet. Though annoying, I wasn’t too angry. This is the first race where that has happened…. the norm for Fleet Feet races is not this.

The original plan was to go all out and shoot for my below 32:00 goal. However, after looking at the weather forecast, I changed my plan. I was going to run the first mile and see how I feel and if I was feeling ok then I would go for it. If not, then oh well.

It was a very humid and warm night. There was also a pretty decent wind coming out of the south. I knew that this race was likely to no be very pretty for me.

I met up with Courtney and Rebecca before the race but missed the bloggers since I couldn’t find them before the race. We lined up and were off pretty quickly.

We had gotten a lot of the rain the night before so most of the course had tons of huge puddles. There was lots of hopping around trying to avoid them. Less than a mile in, I was dying for water. Lucky for me, I know where every single water fountain along this course is. So when I hit one of them, I stopped for a quick sip.

We hit the Fullerton underpass and that hill kills me so I walk for about 30 seconds and then take off again. I now I am running at a decent pace but I am really dying for water again. Almost at the turn around point my ponytail comes completely lose and I have to walk while I fix my hair. That was a first for me… Not sure what happened since I had been wearing the ponytail all day and the ponytail holder didn’t break. Hmmm…

I am thrilled when I see the turn around because I know that there is a water fountain near. I saw just about everyone around me stop for a sip at that water fountain…

We are heading south now and the wind is a tad brutal at times. Fullerton underpass again and I walk up another hill. I am taking a few more walk breaks now and I am dying for water again.

FINALLY I see the water station… AFTER the 2.50 mile mark. I really hate when 5K races don’t have water around the half way point and having water at the 2.50 mile mark or later is really just a stupid idea. There were PLENTY of spots along this course where they could have easily set up water… Grrrr

Heading towards the final turn for the finish line and I spot Eric and Declan (and his lovely family). Got my High Five in with Declan and yell out that it is hot.

Hit the final stretch but don’t really have a lot in me for final sprint so I kept the same pace even though I kept trying to pick it up.

Its now pretty dark and I glance down at my watch and read 32:28 – This surprises me because of the water fountain stops and walk breaks but I am pleased.

Find the bloggers and finally get my WRCE shirt (which I was supposed to wear while running… whoops). We take our post race picture (which I do not have a copy of). Then we all head over to the post race party which Courtney and Rebecca join us for.

WRCE Shirt

We sit around chatting for a bit. I take off around a quarter to 9 since I still have a 4:30 am alarm clock for work on Friday.

Once I get home, I look at my watch again and realized that I read it wrong… it actually reads 33:28… ooops…

This bums me out a tad but it also makes more sense.

My Official time 33:29 for a 10:47 pace

Oktoberfest Resutls

Definitely need to work on the 5K time…

Race 3 of 3 for the week tomorrow


15 thoughts on “Race Recap: Oktoberfest 5K

  1. Nice seeing you last night. Yeah, the water station near the end was in a bad location. The fact that there was a line at a public water fountain during a race should say something. Sorry to hear about your pony tail problem and reading your finishing time wrong! 4:30am wake up? That’s just too early! 🙂

    • Good seeing you last night too!

      Haha – The issues us chicks have to deal with when running… go figure. Never happened before so I think it was a fluke.

      As for reading my watch wrong… lets just chalk that up to wishful thinking/stupidity

      Yes – 4:30 am Wake up Monday through Friday… I am actually really used to it and it only hurts when I go to bed past 9:00 pm :-p

    • Thanks so much!

      Yea – Not ideal starting a race and being thirsty and then not having the water station until the end but oh well.

      I cannot wait to read your report on the Marathon!

    • Yea – I was really surprised too because it is just so unlike Fleet Feet but oh well. They at least let us pick them up after the race so I didn’t have to do gear check

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  4. Sorry about the water. I worked the water station and the workers there didn’t decide where to put it. I( mentioned to the race directors that next year it needs to be closer to the 1/2 way mark.

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