Race Recap: Mad Dash to Madison 5K

1 Mad Dash 9-16-13

Last night I ran the Mad Dash to Madison 5K. This race has been on my radar pretty much since I started running but due to conflicts in the schedule was not able to run it until this year (and they didn’t have the race last year). Several girlfriends decided to sign up as well so we had a nice little group.

But lets back up a tad… I trekked over to Sports Authority on Sunday in the rain to get my race packet. It took very little time and I was in and out in probably 5 minutes. Have to say… I am digging the shirt. Always good to Chicago sports teams related race swag.

I caught a ride with a friend on the way to the race… although… in hindsight we should have left more time. We got stuck in traffic and had to deal with the re-routing. Luckily one of the officers directing traffic took pity on us and allowed us to cross the barrier for street closures and park right there. SOOO Many parking spots were blocked off…

We made it to the race site with about 10 minutes to spare. While rushing to baggage check, I ran into another friend from my college years. All of our other friends were lined up for the race already and we weren’t able to get through the crowds to meet up with them. So we hung back and after very little time, we were off.

Going into the race, I had no race goals or plans. However, the more I was thinking about it the more I decided I should go for it. My original plan to race all out at the Thursday race was looking like a not so stellar idea due to the weather forecast. But last night was perfect for a good run so I decided to go for it.

We started off the race running directly towards the setting sun which I found difficult. I had to keep my eyes on the road a few feet in front of me to avoid being blinded. Not the best running form but… meh…

The sun was not a problem for long but I was starting to regret the lack of water drinking in the hour before the race. I knew there was an aid station at about the half way mark but I was dying for water after a mile. Finally get to the water station and walk on through sipping my water and then I take off again.

There were several blocks where it smelled like we running through a trash yard and I kept gagging and was afraid that the contents of my stomach weren’t going to stay down. I didn’t want to breath but I had to. I am not sure if I slowed down or sped up but I just wanted to get away… Probably the worse portion of the race and also my only complaint about the race.

I had no idea what my timing was. I knew I went out conservative but I also knew that I had sped up. I wasn’t running at full speed but I was definitely running hard enough to notice the difference. I wanted to break 32 minutes

Finally get to the finish line and I take off. After crossing the finish line I check my watch… not happy… Find my friends and get my bag and we all eventually make our way inside to watch part of the scrimmage.

Post Race Picture in the Stands

8 Mad Dash 9-16-13

We don’t stay for too long. After all, this is race 1 of 3 for me for the week and we all do have day jobs. So we all part ways to head home.

My Official time – 32:11 only 12 freaking seconds away from breaking 32. For someone whose PRs in the other races this year came relatively easily, I just cannot figure out why I cannot break 32 in the 5K right now. Guess I will be doing speedwork… Overall, I am happy with my race and the results but I REALLY want to break 32 minutes.

Mad Dash Results

I had a lot of fun at this race and definitely think it will make an appearance on the schedule again next year.  Being able to watch some hockey after the race was definitely a fun experience for this sports loving chick.

Race one of three for the week in the books…


7 thoughts on “Race Recap: Mad Dash to Madison 5K

    • It was actually pretty difficult to find the results… ended up going to my confirm email and then clicking on the link under “Your Profile” on the right hand side. Will probably need to enter the confirm and update the password. Then there is a tab for “Past”. The race should be listed there along with a button for results.

      This was discovered after multiple google searches…


    • That seems to be the question of the day…

      Go back to the confirmation email, on the right hand side under “Your profile” Click on the link. It may ask for your confirm number and “new password”. Once that is done, you should see a tab for “upcoming” and “Past” Click on the tab for past and then you should see a button for results

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