Race Re-Cap: Strike Out ALS 5K

It was a HOT one… Way too hot in fact. I knew going into the race it would not be pretty… and it wasn’t….

1 Strike Out ALS 7-16-13

This is my second year running this race

I headed over to Fleet Feet the Sunday before to pick up my shirt and bib. It was fast and easy. I don’t think I have ever had an issue at a Fleet Feet Packet-Pickup. Tech shirt this year instead of a black cotton tee… nice improvement

Tuesday after work, I met up with my friend Kurt and he drove Courtney and me down to US Cellular field. I was surprised that it took so little time to get there. Found Chris and Eric who had snagged a table in the shade… Smart! Hung out for a few minutes before doing gear check and then meeting up with the bloggers for a picture

3 Strike Out ALS 7-16-13

Then I wanted one more picture with my friends (not all of whom are bloggers)

4 Strike Out ALS 7-16-13

We hung out in the shade while they did the before race pep talk where they quoted Lou Gehrig… as a HUGE Yankee fan I thought it was a good way to start a race.

I didn’t go into this race blind… I knew the course was mostly sun exposed and I knew there would only be one water station. However, you went by the water twice station so it kind of turns into two water stations. Regardless, they really needed to add more water stations since it was so hot and the course is 90% sun exposed… Not smart. As such, I opted to run with water for the race.

We lined up and were off. Shortly after crossing the start there are several poles sticking out of the ground about waist high… It think they are used for gates… anyway… they are almost impossible to see. I noticed before approaching the area a lot of people suddenly darting left or right and then I remembered the poles from the year before. However, a LOT of people didn’t seem them until it was too late. Shortly after I passed that area I head some hit one of the poles HARD. It sounded painful and I thought… Maybe they should warn people about those before the race starts…

I did ok for the first mile. I went out a little too fast but quickly settled into a pace as everyone else seemed to fly by me. About of a quarter of a mile in I needed water. Yep… glad I was running with water. About 3/4 a mile later the heat got to me and I knew I would be walking. The sun beating down was just too much. I got to the first water station and drank half my cup of water and dumped the rest on my head. I was struggling… It was too hot. I already had the dehydration headache and running just made it worse. I threw in the towel. This was never a goal race so I settled into a walk. Once we got inside to run through the hallways (not sure if that is the appropriate term…) of US Cellular field it cooled off significantly. I am not sure why because I remember this portion being very hot and stuffy last year. Oh well… Maybe the lack of sun is what made it cooler. Regardless, I ran as much of it as I could. Luckily it was just about all of it.

I was so relieved when I got onto the field for the final .10ish. Once I had the straight away to the finish I took off. And was utterly relieved once I was across the finish line. The Photographer got 3 shots of me as I was crossing the finish line. Hatred and Relief all in one? Followed by two where I don’t look like I am about to die

5 Strike Out ALS 7-16-13 6 Strike Out ALS 7-16-13 7 Strike Out ALS 7-16-13

Realized immediately that the sprint to the finish was a stupid idea… Was not feeling the greatest but I took several shots of the field because how many times can you say you were on a baseball field? Then found Eric, Chris and Courtney. I had finished almost all of the water that I ran with and was glad to have a bottle of water in hand. We grabbed our bags from gear check and waited for Kurt to finish. I already knew that I was not all that interested in staying for the All Star game. It was fun last year but I just wanted to get home and shower and out of the heat. After Kurt met up with us we said our goodbyes and headed to the green line station to catch the red line to go home (kinda nice the red line is running on green line tracks right now… transferring is a pain in the butt).

My official Time… Not pretty… I wasn’t shooting for time but I still hate this time. It was just too hot and I couldn’t run the whole thing…

Strike Out ALS Results

When I got home my mom said she was surprised I had bailed… In all honesty… If I didn’t know anyone else running the race, I probably would have bailed. I am really not a fan on extreme heat and humidity…

All in all its a decent race. Really good cause and an Awesome post race party. But the course does suck… We are just running through parking lots until we get onto the field… That part is awesome. I also think they should have added another water station… or 4… And starting later would make the course less sun exposed because let’s face it… What are the chances of NOT having heat in July? Its not my favorite race on the docket but I don’t hate it either.


7 thoughts on “Race Re-Cap: Strike Out ALS 5K

  1. Yikes! Running in straight sun makes every step feels like 10. Good thinking about walking it through. I think I read on another blog about the person bonking into the pole!

    Live to run another day!

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