Race Re-Cap: Bastille Day 8K

1 Bastille 7-11-13

Last night I ran the Bastille day 8K Race in Lincoln Park. I love races that are a few blocks from my place. I was also thrilled that the humidity went away and the temps dropped a bit. It was a gorgeous night!

Packet Pick-up, as with all Fleet Feet Races, was easy and took mere minutes. I like the race shirt though I have to admit… I have never understood the mustache thing. It makes sense for a french themed race but other than that… I don’t get it…

After work I had some pizza… Gotta have my pizza before a race! Mom and I left my place and walked the few short blocks to the race site so I could meet up with the bloggers and my friends (not all of them are bloggers). We were meeting near gear check but I hadn’t the foggiest clue where gear check was. Mom asked a volunteer and we found out gear check was hidden (literally)  behind the stage. Really?!?!?! Oh well. I wasn’t checking anything but still… Odd spot. Everyone else had the same issue too.

Asked my mom to take a pic of me and my friends before I gave her my phone so she could find a spot to sit and hang out. 2 Bastille 7-11-13


After the blogger pic (my mom had my phone so I don’t have that one), we made our way to the start line. Eric veered off in the faster pace and the rest of us hung out in the 10:00/Mile pace. We agreed on a spot to meet after the race and with a no frills start, we were off.

I tried keeping up with some of my friends and hang in there for a mile but after that they started to slowly increase the pace and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up. No worries. The plan was to just run the whole thing… walking (as always) only through the water stations.

The course changed from last year. Instead of being your typical out and back course, heading north along the lakefront past Addison, they made it more of a loop course. I was ok with this. The course was now where I run all the time so I knew what to expect the entire time. The miles clicked by easily and I was feeling good. I really wasn’t paying attention to my pace at all. It was just a gorgeous night and I was enjoying the run.

At mile 4 I saw the time clock and realized that I was on pace to PR… but there was a water station after the 4 mile mark so I wasn’t positive I would still be on pace after that.

Near the finish line, the course became deceptive. If you didn’t see the finish line when we passed it then you would not know there was one more turn around before the (slightly long) finish chute. Luckily, I noticed it so I knew I still had a little ways to go.

Once I was passed the turn around and I could see the clock for the 3 mile mark for the 5K runners in the distance I kicked it up and sprinted the finish.

The clock at the finish said 54 and change for time. I knew if I broke 55 minutes it was a PR.  I immediately checked my watch and saw I broke 54 minutes.

A NEW 8K PR! I still wanted my official time though…

I met up with my mom and friends. Everyone had done really well! PRs all around! We chatted for a bit and then Eric, Courtney, my mom and I headed to get frozen yogurt before calling it a night.

While eating, we all checked the official times.

Bastille Results

Oh Yea! Definitely a PR – Not only did I break 55 minutes but I smashed my PR by a little over a minute and half! My 8K PR was from this race last year where I ran it in 55:13

This is a fun race and will definitely continue to make my annual race calendar. And obviously a PR doesn’t hurt either 😛






8 thoughts on “Race Re-Cap: Bastille Day 8K

  1. Congratulations on a PR! The 5K and 8K courses crossing each other was pretty annoying to me but everything else about the race was great.

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