Race to Wrigley 5K Race Re-Cap

This race started, for me, the week prior when I did packet pick-up with a friend on Friday after work. I was disappointed that the race shirt was not a tech shirt (which one of the volunteers said was “great”… Umm… no). Oh well – Its a shirt I can wear to a game at some point… Moving on

1 Race to Wrigley 5-11-13

I did this race last year, so I know it is a very crowded race and there are a lot of walkers (not dissing… I was one of them last year) and therefore, I set no time goals. I met my friend, Eric, at his place (Since he lives on the way to the race) and he was nice enough to let me use his restroom… I woke up very dehydrated so I drank quite a bit of water before I left my place… then really had to pee by the time I reached Eric’s place…. Ooops… But at least I was not longer dehydrated.

We headed down to Wrigley where we met up with our friend (and fellow blogger) Chris at the noodle. After the required picture (below) we chatted for a few minutes with our friend Kurt. I was happy that one of the volunteers approached our group to make sure the backpack that was on the ground belonged to one of us. We all commented that it was good that they were checking.

2 Race to Wrigley 5-11-13

With 20 minutes until the race started, we headed to over to Gear Check. None of us used it last year because it was warmer so I have nothing to compare it to. But let me say that they needed a LOT more people. So close to race time and the lines were LONG. I was lucky to get done with time to spare and headed over to the start line. I only had to wait maybe 5 minutes before the gun went off.

Having done this race last year, I know that it is very crowded and there are a lot of walkers (not dissing… I was one last year). I was feeling good starting out (thank you pizza from the night before) but with the crowds and walkers I just didn’t want to weave a lot. I wasn’t looking for time either so I figured there was no point. After the first mile, the crowds thinned out a bit and it was easier to pick up speed.

Side Note – I have a beef with races that allow strollers. I totally get (and respect) the desire for things to be a family affair but I don’t think that strollers should be allowed on the timed course, I almost got smacked by one. And one more beef – Parents, if your kids are running, please tell them to NOT run diagonally (keep reading).

I was speeding up but not a lot – Mostly, I knew that I didn’t want to get stuck behind walkers/slower runners on the lower concourse for the last portion of the race.

While running along Clark heading toward the finish line, I heard a kid giving his mom encouragement to run and not walk since it was close to the finish line. MAJOR Props kid!

We get into the concourse and this kid is running diagonally from wall to wall… It is already crowded on this portion of the course and it was difficult to avoid running into the kid… Luckily I sped up and got past him. As I am turning out of the concourse to head to the finish line I see a runner flailing their arms so I go wide to try to avoid them but no… the arms were flailing too much and I got smacked in the arm…

I try to pick up speed to sprint to the finish line but there are too many people so I don’t get to sprint like I wanted to… Oh well.

I realize after grabbing my half bagel and bottle of water that we hadn’t discussed where to meet after the race… I decide to get my gear (I am now cold) and find them after. I get to gear check and look to my right and see Eric and Chris standing there… What are the odds?

I am happy to report that my time was about 20 seconds faster than the Rave run. Score! I didn’t even care about my time.

Race to Wrigley Results 5-11-2013

We found everyone pretty easily and after we all had our gear we grabbed breakfast. Eric and I then went to pick up our packets for Chicago Spring this Sunday. I then proceeded to take a two hour nap…

All in all a decent race. A fun race but not one that is easily run for time. But Eric got a PR – Congrats!

3 thoughts on “Race to Wrigley 5K Race Re-Cap

  1. they needed to have the non timed runners start a fair bit later than the timed. As a parent with a jogging stroller, I totally understand. I wouldn’t take it to a race where people payed to try to get a decent time. Plus, you pick up too much drag and it slows you down! lol I will say it is fun to pass people with it on a normal run!

    I was surprised to read about the cotton shirts. Probably since most of the runners want a shirt to wear in public to let people know they ran once. They need to start giving out race shorts! Give some variety.

    Glad you guys had fun! I bet the nap felt great.

    • Yea – Except this race had a “fun” not timed portion…

      Ehhh – I have so many race shirts from the past three years that the change up isn’t that bad. Though… I do need more long sleeved shirts… but there aren’t too many races that give out long sleeve shirts (tech or not)

      Haha – Nap felt AMAZING – I was rather useless for the rest of the day though :-p

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