Perfect Saturday – Long Run and Spending Time with a Friend

Friday during my race packet pick-up with Eric, we were talking about running shoes. He talked about his obsession with running shoes here: I may have a shoe problem

He is also a walking factoid (as I often refer to him). He knows a lot about running shoes and what they do and all that fun stuff. I have been running for several years now and I don’t think I could tell anyone anything about running shoes except if I like them or not.

Anywho, for the past several weeks with more consistent running and an increase in miles… plus the weekly long run, I started to notice that my body feels more beat up. I just hurt. Not your typical hurt from logging the miles… This wasn’t just muscle soreness. I switched over to Vibrams back in October and The last time I had run in regular running shoes (up until last Wednesday) was the Hot Chocolate 5K race in November. Through the winter months I had very low mileage and was doing a majority of my running on the indoor track at my gym or on the treadmill. I really do love running in the Vibrams but it was becoming too difficult to ignore the beating my body was taking. So I mentioned all this to Eric. I also told him I wanted to stick with a minimalist shoe but just get some cushion. He recommended I try on a couple pairs at Sports Authority so I did. But a few of the shoes that I wanted to try on are not at sports authority so decided I would go to Fleet Feet and Eric agreed to go with me… After all, he does love running shoes.

Saturday I woke up early and after my morning coffee and breakfast I went to the grocery store. Got home and relaxed/hydrated for about 45 minutes. Eric and I agreed to go to Fleet Feet in the afternoon/early evening after we had both finished our runs for the day.

So I put on my Vibrams and headed out for my run. I went north first because of the wind and stopped at the water fountain at the Belmont (well really close to Belmont) underpass. I looked up and saw Eric and shouted out to him. He ran over and I asked him how many miles he was going to do and at what pace. He was going to do more miles than me but wanted to stick near my pace. So we ran together. I was the one to set the pace (and I am sure he hated my slower pace). I rarely run with friends. I typically run when my friends are still at work and my running friends are faster than me. But I was loving this run. I barely noticed the miles. We stopped at water fountains and chatted… sometimes we ran in silence but when you have been friends with someone for several years you don’t have to talk all the time. The run back North sucked… Stupid wind. We reached Fullerton and parted ways (He later told me he sped up… haha… which I knew). I was at my goal mileage so I walked the 5ish blocks homes as a bit of a recovery.

A few hours later after we had both showered we met up and headed to Fleet Feet. While there, we ran into another friend of ours who took our advice to get fitted for running shoes. Small world. I was glad Eric was with me when I sat down to try on the running shoes as I really couldn’t remember the two shoes I had tried on the night before (whoops). After trying on several pairs. I decided on the Brooks Cadence.

We decided while walking to Fleet Feet to grab food after. I hadn’t eaten much since my breakfast and he had eaten even less than me so we were both hungry. I suddenly realized we were right by Twin Anchors so suggested we go there (If you have never been there the Ribs are AMAZING). I don’t go there often and know that Eric loves ribs so it was settled. After eating WAY too many (definitely on my part… really should have ordered the half slab instead of the full slab) ribs we walked home. Eric was going to watch sports and I intended to watch Smash on NBC (I really love this show… just wish they hadn’t moved it to Saturday evenings) and do my lunges and sit-ups for the last day of the 10 Day Challenge.

All in all it was an awesome day. Amazing Weather, Great Run, Great Company, Great Food – Who could ask for more?


2 thoughts on “Perfect Saturday – Long Run and Spending Time with a Friend

  1. A two a day posting? Nice! The wind can suck the air out of your sails real fast.
    Nothing like ribs for a post long run refuel! Its a toss up for my stomach if I’ll be starving or have a sensitive tum tum. Yesterday, I was sensitive and had to pop some pepto before dinner.

    And don’t forget, most running stores give you a couple weeks with shoes if you need to return them!

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